Facebook Apps for Android Users

Here will be discussed all about best Facebook apps for Android. So let’s have a look in a bit detail. Remember that Facebook has infinite users. Few analysts and technical experts assume that it has more than 600 million active users and  Facebook is not just a site but a social networking platform which is introduced all over the world in extreme hurry. Many features Facebook has provided including high speed Internet access, 3G Networks, regular contact, albums, privacy, and lot of interesting stuff. For those who are well aware of Android there are infinite applications provided by Facebook  which let users to directly access internet and website and by this they can communicate 24 Hours without any break to their dear friends. With respect to Android we can say that if there are 1000 other applications then it’s must that there must be at least 200 or more applications that will be purely of Facebook. New and latest Android phones, Applications and efficiency as well as usage increases for users. Also Facebook is a business networking platform, because you can view jobs, advertise jobs, do business tasks, discuss daily matter and many other things you can do. Simply facebook lets you stay in touch with people you want and in ratio you can be. So posts, comments, views, tags, chat, and much other related stuff is always helpful for you in all cases.

facebook android apps
facebook android apps

Best Facebook Apps for Android Phones

Facebook allows you to have a look at live news feed, check out wall updates, post on walls and even a chat facility. Chats, messaging, and commenting are one more application and it never gets loaded. It’s fast and efficient. And it’s totally free. Facebook is being used worldwide.

Go!Chat for Facebook

If you are interested in the chat feature, Go! Chat application will let you do that. Just give login, password, make alias and enjoy. Facebook is hell popular due to extreme users i.e. more than 740,000 active users worldwide.

Facebook Extreme

  • ·        Provides instant access to the premier social networking site.
  • ·        Lets you directly access Facebook with a fast login and easy access to               all of its resources.
  • ·        Provides you with push button login into Facebook.
  • ·        Provides you with all the bare essentials.
  • ·        This is for low bandwidth users.

Few more applications of Facebook for Androids are:

  • ·        Video to Facebook
  • ·        SimpleChat for Facebook
  • ·        Facebook Mobile
  • ·        BeejiveIM for Facebook Chat
  • ·        FBook Mobile

Choose any application you want and stay in touch with all your dear friends and enjoy for free.


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