Android Dominance Extended

Android Dominance Extended

As we told you about the rumor that two of the most famous companies have suggested their employees to sale Android smartphones more than iPhones. May be this is the reason that four Android phones over 1 iPhone has been shipped in the second quarter of this year. The ratio was 2.5 android Phones over 1 iPhone last year and this ratio has shown an impressive increase in the present year.

There were over 100 million Android phones shipped in the last three months and the market of Android phones is increased from 47% to 68%. BlackBerry and Nokia phones got no gains in these months and lost 5% of their shares in the market. The dominance of Android phones is visible now for everyone.

As we go further, there is a less drop in the iPhone market from 19% to 17%. After this 2% of market loss, iPhone needs to start finding a way to gain more rep in the market. The market of iPhone will increase, perhaps, after the launch of new iPhone.  Yes, it’s true that Apple gave a new trend to cellular phones when it was first released in 2007 but Google, after adding several manufacturers this year with Android, has turned into a serious challenge for Apple.

Android Dominance Extended

What IDC has reported is that Samsung has appeared as a dominant Android smartphone seller and has sold 44% of all android phones this quarter and is the biggest seller than the next 7 Android smartphone manufacturers combined.

If we combine Android and Apple sale, they covered 85% of the total market that was only 66% in the last year.

Talking about Tablets, Apple is still dominant in it. Apple had 68% of the market in the last quarter. Google is trying to cover this gap too by introducing impressive tablet Nexus 7 etc.

The dominance of iOS and Android in the market has shown that it’s a two horse race. It’s possible for other rivals to gain shares as the smartphones are not yet the most selling phones. As the smartphone penetration will increase, things will be different from today.

After the launch of the new iPhone, thing will be changed. How much will it go in the favor of Apple depends upon the uniqueness of the new iPhone. Rumors are that the new iPhone will steal the market, for sometime perhaps.

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