Best Android Hotspot Apps

Hotspot apps are those apps that are used to provide internet facility on your cell phone. Means you can use internet on your cell phone if it is not available. Sometimes it happens that you have to send an email to someone and due to some reason internet facility is not available then in that case you can use your cell phone for this purpose. You have no need to beg for the internet. You must have these hotspot apps. With the help of these apps you can use internet on your cell phones. These days it is possible to use internet everywhere on your cell phones but for that facility to avail with efficiency you need some efficient android apps with the help of which you can use internet efficiently where you want either on roads, offices, canteens, libraries etc. These apps can be downloaded easily from the android market.



This is a very simple app which is used to provide internet facility on your cell phones. There are two versions for it one is paid and other is free. The only thing that is not available on the free version is that some secure sites are blocked on free version. Only the users of paid version can access those sites. So in order to enjoy this app more efficiently and with great interest users must go for paid version.

Barnacle Wi-Fi Tether

This is also a very simple tethering app that provides Wi-Fi on your cell phone. It does not need any USB cable to get connected or any desktop or laptop. With this app you can enjoy good Wi-Fi connectivity on your phones. You just only require this app to enjoy efficient Wi-Fi on your cell phone.

Android Wi-Fi Tether

This app is developed for the users who are using the older android phones. With the help of this app they can enjoy Wi-Fi on their android phones but your android phones must be rooted in order to enjoy this app.  So users who are using older android phones and want to enjoy modern and latest Wi-Fi app must use this app

Easy Tether

Easy tether can also be enjoyed like barnacle for a number of devices. There are also two versions for it paid and free version. You can upgrade from free version to paid version. Paid version is available in android market at a cost of $9.99.

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