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We are well were of childish games like snakes, chess, puzzle etc but these games are just childish not as much teenager games. As generation advances, demand also increases. So, technology always advances with latest features. Every new technology attracts us like old days had Nokia 3310 and we would say there’s no cell phone better than this and later many other models came and also future brought trends of iPhones, iPads, and so on. Each of them attracted us and came with its individual style, feature, and choices. So, same goes for gaming applications too. As far Android is concerned. Let’s have a look at few best Android applications.

Best Games for Android (2010)

Remember that if you purchased Android, then think yourself to be in gaming zone because Android and gaming are closely related to each other. If you have Android and your friend or mate doesn’t have it, he/she will be a best symbol of jealousy and trust me I mean it.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds for Android
Angry Birds for Android

This is an awesome game. Its theme sounds bit silly but it actually isn’t silly. What happens in story of this game is that Pigs steal eggs of birds and birds get too much angry. They want to recover their eggs. But also few puzzles and techniques are also deployed in this game to make it best. Download and enjoy.

Bonsai Blast

This coolest game consists of lot of puzzles and in this game you need to handle gems and restrict them to go to area where they shouldn’t go.


It actually seems to be a kiddy one but its dam awesome. You need to reach spaceship and cows are there who are jumping irregularly. It’s really nice to have it. You must download it.

Robo Defense

Robots help you till end to get rid of or defend from intruders. They fight and save you. You ask for their help always. It’s obviously a tough job to do but still much interesting.


Tetris is much old game and people love playing it. Many of them can’t live without playing it and that’s really interesting to know that it’s about more than 30 years old game.

Let’s have brief look at top 10 most wanted and popular games of Android.

  • Sketch Online
  • Gem Miner
  • Air Hockey
  • Open Sudoku
  • The Red Stone
  • Zombie, Run
  • FIFA 10
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Sky Force
  • What the Doodle?

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