Android is going to Rock the World

Whenever we desire to purchase any product, our first priority is its quality and durability. This is because we always look for quality products and we don’t want to return to that seller, dealer, or manufacturer later on with bad notes. Quality of any product varies from time to time along with its performance and cost. For example, if I buy something today it’s not necessary that after 2 or 3 years, I would be buying same thing with same price. This is true in fact and nobody can deny it in any case. Same Is true for technology products because their proper maintenance and durability is of vital importance. If we mention technological terms, nobody can deny Android top applications. This is because if you have android and you never installed best stuff in it, you must first throw your device in dustbin with no arguments for sure. So, let us briefly overview some of Android’s applications.



The two words always confuse young generations and that is open source and open home. Let me clarify both of them first. Open source is something which always means that their sources, designs, coding, programming, implementations, and relevant methodologies are modifiable. To talk in simple words, you can alter then in any way you wish. LINUX is the best example of open-source coding. To talk about open home, I would add that it’s same as open source but different is that it lets you customize home or design simply. You can manage home screen, skins, templates, and lot more relevant stuff but not the whole code. So, Android provides users with open Home application.

Google Voice

Have you ever thought of a situation when you can send emails and your communications through voice channel? Yes this is for sure possible through an amazing platform i.e. Google Voice. This is a specially designed application of Android devices where users can deploy voice features for text messaging, emails, calls, and much more.

Google Finance

All information regarding financial stuff can be easily manipulated through Google finance and you can apply lots of features i.e. charts, portfolios, spreadsheets, reports, and lot more. All relevant data is available 24 hours a day to you.

Google Listen

Now you don’t need to attach your device to your pc or computer because listening is made easy by this software application being provided by Android. Google listen is one of the best android’s top applications being ever developed for mobile users.

Read it Later Pro for android

If you are offline, can you read any information you desire for?  Your problems are solved now by Read it Later Pro because you can now save your desired web pages which you can read later whenever you want and also you can have offline mode facility too. If you wish to keep proper updated information and activities regarding news whether it’s Android news, politics, sports, entertainment, or perhaps any latest blog you can have a quick look this may be a web page or any article too. This is an awesome application being designed for Android and is simply awesome. Read It Later Pro is nice, smooth, and simple to use. It allows you to tag posts or news for organizational use. As far as features are concerned, this is really awesome application because it offers infinite features and users rank and rate it highly,

Key Features

  • It allows you to read even when you are offline.
  • It provides you with multiple options like tagging etc.
  • It provides users with smooth, nice, and easy interface
  • It’s easy to use and is highly cost-effective.
  • Users use it frequently.
  • It is extremely portable and user friendly
  • You don’t need an internet access now complete day if you have this application installed in your personal Android.


Everyone loves to fly by air but this may be the case occasionally not daily. If someone desires to travel daily by air, he/she may lose 60% of his/her annual budget for sure. So, traveling by air is the toughest procedure to be adopted on regular basis for sure. If you miss a bus, you get too much annoyed but what if you miss your flight? I think this will be killing you for sure.  There is an awesome application being provided by Android which is known as FlightBoard which after installing on your personal Android phone will never let you miss you plane ever. This provides you with departure and arrival of airplane from approx 3,987 airports worldwide. Moreover, you can find your local airport using authentic search engine and you can even toggle and scroll among incoming and outbound flights using a simple switch. Right after finding your desired airport, you can finally filter the results by performing advanced search. You can even tap your searched flights and it provides you with information like expected departure and arrival times. Also, you can have detailed summary of flights regarding if a flight has left late or early, and so on. There is a share menu also which lets you share information regarding flight on many social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. This is simply an awesome application especially for daily travelers.

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