Top Eco-Friendly Android Phones

In the modern world of technology, one of the more important factors consumers are considering when picking a phone and mobile broadband deals is finding those eco-friendly deals. If you are seeking something eco-friendly and are interested in Android phones from a carrier offering good mobile broadband deals, continue reading this list for the best of qualifying phones.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X8
The Xperia X8 is the very foundation of the policies that Sony Ericsson has placed as far as the materials that can be used when creating mobile phones such as the Xperia X8. The policies that Sony Ericsson has set into motion include the banning of various substances that are harmful to the environment, and it goes beyond what the current legislation have mandate.

Prior to the launch of the Xperia X8, Sony Ericsson contacted third-party laboratories and sent them sample copies of the Xperia X8 for the purposes of testing for any instance of a substance which was restricted under Sony Ericsson guidelines as an added measure. The device passed with flying colors, and coupled with its features, this brings it to the top of the list of the top eco-friendly phones with Android on them.

Sony Ericsson xperia x8

Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung is known for recycling its own batteries in an effort to protect the environment. However, Samsung has now made more of an effort to provide an eco-friendly device to consumers throughout the world. These great strides have included the company not only joining but also funding recycling organizations.

This is all to not only help promote eco-friendly behavior but also to ensure that the phones they create and the packaging in which they arrive are made of reused, recovered or recycled materials. These efforts extend to the Galaxy Ace phone, which comes packed with the Android operating system. A completely eco-friendly phone, the Galaxy Ace offers a great deal.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Motorola Citrus
Running on the Android operating system, the Citrus by Motorola is a fully eco-friendly computing phone. Its design is carbon free and uses recycled plastic parts. All of this comes with a touch screen Smartphone device that allows its users to take advantage of social networking, browsing comparable to a PC and access to all the usual great Android apps. To satisfy the code-literate, it even has an HTML webkit.

Motorola also does what many other companies do not; they take care in how they dispose their old electronic devices, electing to reuse them whenever possible and ultimately avoiding the toxic cesspool harming the earth. The Citrus makes it easy to take part in saving the planet.

Motorola Citrus

Samsung Replenish
Unlike the other Android phones on this list, the Samsung Replenish is the first eco-friendly phone offering Android and a light package for people who do not need the high-end gimmicks smartphones provide. This phone is simple with a qwerty keyboard, a 2.8-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and a microSD slot.

Finally, this device comes with an energy-efficient charger for the battery. To take it one step further, consumers can attach a solar-powered back cover to charge the battery naturally.

Samsung Replenish

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