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Sometimes, we delete some useful files from our computers or mobile phones. The deletion can be in a hurry or by mistake but in the end, we have nothing besides regretting for our lost data.

If the deletion of data is from any computer then for that, you need to search the ways in order to recover that data but if you are deleting from mobile phone and if that smartphone is running on Android operating system then here, I am going to tell you one way by which you can recover the lost data.

‘Undelete for Android’ from ‘Fahrbot Mobile’ is an Android app that helps you in recovering the deleted lost data from your Android smartphones.

Undelete Android app

‘Undelete for Android’ recovers the old files that are being deleted from the internal storage or SD cards. However, the developer has also warned that the recovery is not 100% guaranteed and if the application fails to recover the 2 years prior data then do not complain about that. We want to clear here that the recovery can fail also.

Undelete for Android Features

• Fast logic of scanning.

• Shredding and wiping the files securely.

• Restoration of files those are not over-written.

• Works with pictures and videos.

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Please note that the present version only supports FAT and on Tegra2 devices, you will get the support only for external SD.

If the deleted files were infected with any virus then chances are that they fail to recover as those files and the data in them would most likely be corrupted.

The developer also warns that in some cases, if the app ‘Undelete for Android’ encounters some issues during recovery then it can also wipe out complete memory, though, we have not seen this issue till now.

The app supports logging feature and for logging to work, Read Data and Internet permissions are required.

Download Undelete for Android app

Download the app from Recover Android files.



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