Talking Buddy for Android Mobiles – Speaktoit Assistant

Are you alone and missing your friends? Your friends can’t be everytime with you but one friend is there that lives with your forever. You can say him as yours virtual friend. I am not becoming religious here and talking about God. But infact, I am talking of your mobile phone. But how mobile can be buddy?

Mobile can be buddy if it has Android operating system and it has an Android app ‘Speaktoit Assistant’ installed in it. The app acts as your virtual friend and it does almost all the tasks that an intelligent friend can do.

Talking Buddy for Android Mobiles

Speaktoit Assistant uses the natural language technology in answering questions and finding information for you. It helps you in knowing maps and directions. You can check the latest weather reports. If you want, you can also convert the currencies.

Speaktoit Assistant application helps you in finding good images and news. You can send emails, whether that email is meant for any of your business guys or any college boy.

It also helps you and your Android smartphone in launching the apps and connecting with various social networking channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare etc.

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It reduces your work and pain to a much wider extent as you don’t need to remember any special command or any complex graphical interface. You just need to key-in or speak your daily language and the application will understand and do the rest. With Loquendo TTS or SVOX, various voices can also be set.

I say that it acts like a buddy; yes, you can change its appearance and can make it look like your girlfriend or boyfriend. If you want, you can change the appearance to look like your teacher or any old educated man, whom you think have good knowledge and he can teach you easily.

However, if you want the assistant to look more formal then you can go to Settings –> Appearance and can set the microphone picture instead of any avatar.

It can be started by long tapping on search button. For saving notes, you can use Evetnote.

Download Speaktoit Assistant Android app

You can download the app from Android Market.

Speaktoit Assistant Android app Video

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