Chrome updating for Android

Chrome updating for Android

Google  has always been targeting improvements and that is perhaps the reasons for the unbeatable success of Google. Google has made a name for itself. The desire to bring about improvement has become Google’s trademark. Lately Google has come up with a new idea and this new idea  is targeted at Google Chrome. Google has updated Google Chrome for Android applications. This would furnish the browser with a more improvised sandbox.

Chrome updating for AndroidNow through this update, Chrome would be strengthened for Android sandbox applications. Now the sandbox technology basically controls the harmful mobile websites. If the browser has the sandbox technology for Android, the browser would not be affected by such websites. Now this mechanism is built in  a way, that Chrome has a very strong architecture for Android and its combined with Android user id isolation technology. After all it is only the strong technology, that can stop the malicious attacks. Android 4.1 jelly bean users will be able to use the improved sandbox technology. This is definitely a good news for all the people who use Android 4.1 jelly bean. Google has actually made Android so secure. These steps were however necessary to discourage all  harmful sites. Sandbox technology basically tests programs from sources , that are not reliable so that they are not able to cause any harm. The concept of sandbox is, that the program is isolated and is given a virtual environment. Now this technology will facilitate Google Chrome to test any doubtful program, therefore Android applications have become completely secure. These new developments should keep on continuing , this would definitely benefit Google Chrome in the long run and it would become a more popular browser. Obviously users prefer those browsers, which facilitate them completely.

These new developments in the world of technology, especially for Android shows , that the world is moving towards a positive development. However there is ample room for more improvement. It is very important, that the sandbox technology  should provide error free work, otherwise its purpose would be failed.

However the idea of sandbox technology shows one thing for sure, that the masterminds behind Google Chrome are thinking and trying to bring about improvement . Hats off to these masterminds for putting so much effort and logical thinking into their work. Without logical thinking, success is out of question. Therefore no pain no gain. Let’s hope Google Chrome sandbox technology for Android is a super success.

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