Android’s Multitouch software accused of bad quality

Android has made a name for itself in the world of technology. It is world over respected and liked. However companies have to adopt different sales strategies from to time, depending on the situation. Lately Samsung just made a statement that Android Multi touch Smartphones did not have the superb quality of Apple. This  statement was made by Samsung , just to avoid a ban, that can be placed on the sale of its Android Smartphones. Apple was of the opinion that Samsung should be banned. This was actually an official court statement by Apple.

Android Multitouch software accused of bad qualityApple is of the opinion, that the Galaxy devices equipped with Android 2.3 need to be recalled. A pretty extreme move on Apple’s end. This could prove to be pretty impactful for Samsung. The reason being its main distribution center is in the Netherlands. The mechanism of this Smartphone is, that it does not permit , two buttons to be pressed at the same time. Apple uses a pretty great mechanism. That is why Android’s mechanism of working has been questioned. Android has actually disabled the touch mechanism on the screen, at places, where the input is not desired. Apple has actually assigned user surface  element , to each view for protecting undesired input. Samsung is of the opinion that Android also uses the view approach. It is said Android’s mechanisms are much too complex. Android prohibits touch input on application level, whereas Apple prohibits touch input on OS level. The battle is that both the companies feel, that they are at par to each other. Samsung on the other hand backfired by saying that Apple’s  touch patent model is not valid. This battle seems to be an ongoing process, where it seems both the companies are not ready to give up.

These battles between companies are very common. Often these issues reach the court as well. However I feel the companies should avoid wasting their time on court settlements. Out of the court settlements are definitely a better option. It definitely saves time and money both .

Wish both Samsung and Apple could understand that. However once you plunge into these battles , it is hard to come out without an outcome. Samsung and Apple are both established names . Now they both have to wait for a conclusive end , which might in fact take some time. I think next time, they both should consider out of court settlement.

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