Seven Best Android GPS Apps

GPS is abbreviated as Global Positioning System. It is supported by a navigation satellite that is known as Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). It provides time and weather conditions anywhere in the world directly through satellite. Along with the weather it also provides you the locations of any area through satellite system anywhere in the world. With the help of this technology we can take many advantages like we can track any position as we are using the tracking systems in cars that in any case if car is stolen we can track its location with this GPS technology. This technology is also very much effective in mobile phone technology and we are using mobile trackers based on this technology. Now android has developed seven applications based on GPS technology with the help of which users can take any kind of advantage.

1.     Google Maps

This application has some improved features for the android users. As the name indicates this application provides different maps to the android users for different locations so that they may not find any kind of difficulty in finding their way.

2.     Loopt

Loopt One of  Best Android GPS Apps
Loopt One of Best Android GPS Apps

Users of this application can easily share their locations with their friends. With the help of this application users can easily get information about their location. This application also enables the users to receive automatic updates when their friends are nearby their location. With the help of this application users can’t only share their information with their friends through smart phones but can also share their information regarding location via different social networking sites like face book, twitter etc.

3.     Glympse

Glympse application enables the users to send the links containing information regarding locations to the friends and family members. When the person receives the link after opening the link a map will be displayed on the android smart phone that will totally tell the information of their location. Users can also share the links through many social networking sites. This application requires no registration fee and is free to join.

4.     Locale

This application has beautiful features that have attracted many users. With this application you can adjust different setting based on your location directly on your smart phone like you can adjust the setting that your phone must reminds you to charge your battery when you walk through your front door or it directly switch off to silent mode as soon you enter in cinema hall or in conference room.

5.     Places Directory

As the name implies this application serves a directory for your smart phone that facilitates you to find location or address of any restaurant, cinema, fun place, resort etc any time you need. This application also displays you the distance and direction to the place you want to move.

6.     Co Pilot

This application is developed for the users who used to travel to different places. This application has a very nice interface that facilitates the users while driving. Although Google Maps also do the same things but this co pilot application also has the voice alerts which make this application far better than Google Maps.

7.     Wise Pilot

This application is very much better than co pilot application. This application provides you point to point information of your way. The best thing of this application is that it manages all you route online and gives you a very nice pleasure if you are planning for a trip.


This article is about the GPS applications developed for the android users who love travelling and visiting different areas. With the help of these fantastic applications users will not find any kind of difficulty regarding maps, locations, routes, famous places etc. All these information they can get easily through their android smart phones.

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