ARCHOS Video Player released for Android phones and tablets

The top Ranked ARCHOS finally released its amazing video player with premium features for all the android tablet devices. Good news is that this will work with Android 4.0 or later versions phones as well. Everyone is aware of the top role of ARCHOS in the field of media players and it finally stepped in the android market as well which is definitely a good step. ARCHOS has made this media player more than a media player. It gives you the ability to access and play the media files even on your LAN or other such local networks you created. It can play the files stored on some external storage as well like USB Drive. Besides all the good things, they have set its price as well which is just $4.99 only. For an android user and for a media lover it is definitely not so high.

ARCHOS_Video_PlayerSome of the amazing features in this new media player for Android Phones and Tablets introduced by ARCHOS are:

  • Hardware Acceleration is enabled for most of the devices so you get faster decoding of the videos
  • It automatically downloads all the information about the media files like title, subtitle and poster
  • It has the amazing feature that gives you access to the network files and the files stored on some external storage devices like Memory Cards and USB drive
  • This media player enables you to create your media library in which you can manage your media files in different categories and groups
  • Ability to access media flies on remote networks also enables you to access the media libraries on these remote networks
  • Easy navigation for the media library or playlists
  • It automatically sort the media files of TV Shows in real episodic order so you can watch your favorite TV show in without any disturbance
  • It has the feature to find automatically all the available contents on any network to which you get access. Just one click can add those files to your media library for future access
  • This media player comes with compatibility with keyboard and various remote control devices
  • Easy access is the most amazing feature of ARCHOS media player

So far ARCHOS is a complete media player no doubt and it is offering much more than its price. But still we feel the need of some features which are currently not added to this media player. We can hope for these additions in near future as it is getting lot of good reviews and suggestions and hence we can hope for a better version with some new and amazing features added to this ARCHOS media player. Till then, Android users will have to compromise with this bunch of features given by ARCHOS media Player for Android Users.

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