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A Free Dictionary for Google Android

Free Dictionary is an English Dictionary that provides you with English definitions, synonyms, pronunciation, antonyms, dictations, spelling, auto-suggestion, option to play quiz game, searched word on Google Images, and search history. Right after getting information you desire for, it will appear right under the search bar. The definition will also include synonyms, pronunciations and any other given information. You can test it by entering 40 50 words and all relevant information. You can have advanced search too and it depends on your method of searching and searched word as well. Best feature of this cool application is that if you don’t remember whole word, just try to enter first few numbers or letters of relevant word and then this application will provide you with list of all related words that will match your search.


It’s simply great and awesome application if you want to find the definition, synonyms, pronunciations, spellings, dictations, or words. It searches a whole reliable and efficient database from its permanent and well-designed website i.e. and eventually offers users with recent and famous found grammatical words which can help them in future for sure. By this mechanism, you can improve your vocabulary up to maximum, and this is going to help you a lot in near future. This is most effective designed application of Android.

Smart Keyboard Pro

Smart Keyboard Pro
Smart Keyboard Pro

Lots of devices are being used by IT professionals but most common and widely used device is Keyboard. This is because you are nothing without keyboard. For better entrance of data and information you need to have keyboard whether touched or touch less. Lots of varieties exist in market but it depends on users’ choice and needs that what he/she chooses. Among all other technological terms and devices, Keyboard is of prime importance. It is important either it is of mobile device or for personal PC. Android developers started designing smart keyboard for their users so that they can have best results.  They designed infinite keyboards all having same QWERTY interfaces. As far as features of Smart Keyboard are concerned, we must add few of them like Fast speeds, Multilanguage support, Skins, Dictionary, Switching Modes, and lot of Prediction options. One of the best features of Smart keyboard is Voice based typing. You can search, type, and manipulate anything you want through voice input. Everything in this world comprises of both merits and demerits. One of the demerits of Smart keyboard is memory issue. It consumes a lot of memory which may result in slowing in speed of Android sets. I don’t think it’s a big deal because if you have faster or latest handset, this issue may resolve easily and effortlessly because new handsets being developed by developers are far faster than previous versions.


We are all well aware of online media streaming. Do you know about two main concepts HLR and VLR? HLR is Home Location Register and VLR is Visiting Location Register. The purpose of telling these both terms is that I shall tell you how you can trace anyone location using these techniques. HLR has complete database of users with their unique identity and VLR changes with your current location. Whenever you change your location, VLR lets HLR know about it and matches your entries and removes your old data from HLR and updates new data. Same is being done here by an awesome online internet streaming application known as RadioTime Application. RadioTime traces user’s current location using GPS in Android phone and provides him/her the best coverage of data or information as per his/her location. This is basically developed by US officials and allows minimum 30,000 stations all over the world. When you start this application, you are welcomed by an astonishing screen which will guide you about your current stations and you can even add manually any station you want including all entertainment features i.e. music, browsing, news, talk shows, and many more. You can also have advanced search with respect to language and location as well. If you are fan of Radio, I must recommend you to use RadioTime for best time pass.


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