A Dozen Top Rated Android Apps

Smart phones are in use of a great number of people these days due to its wonderful applications and flexibility to use it for daily life purposes. These phones are operated by android. Android based smart phones are in great demand and this demand is increasing day by day. There are a huge number of android applications and it is very much difficult to choose the best one among them. As more and more people are moving towards smart phones so android is trying to develop sources so that the users may not find difficulty to find the best applications from this great number of android applications. Now here you will see the top rated android applications with the help of which you can make your smart phone more flexible to use it in your daily life effectively.  These applications are as follows.

Best and Top Rated Android Applications
Best and Top Rated Android Applications

1.   Layar

This application provides you the complete information of each and everything of the place or object you point out on your smart phone.

2.   Google Sky Map

This is very interesting application of android. It gives you the clear cut information of the constellations and stars at night as you point out your smart phone towards the sky.

3.   Any Cut

With the help of this application you can set your application of any type on your home screen so that you can access that application with just a single touch.

4.   Advanced Task Killer

This application facilitates the users to close any unnecessary application or task that is in process at the background and is consuming your battery timing without any use.

5.   Weather Channel

This application provides you with the details of weather conditions for any specified location.

6.   Opera Mini

This application is basically the browser for your smart phone like all other browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.

7.   FX Camera

With the help of this application users can take snaps in 5 different settings and can enjoy different styles of snaps in various settings and formats.

8.   Doodle Droid

This application is same as MS Paint on your PC. With the help of this application you can draw and color different shapes and pictures according to your wish.

9.   Angry Bird

This application is rated as the best gaming application for the children and is in great demand by the android users.

10. Amazon Kindle

This application contains a big collection of E-Books. With this application users get the facility to have a small library on their smart phones and can read the books of any kind and at any time.

11.  Bump

This application is basically used to connect one android phone to another android phone having same application working. With the help of this application users can easily share files from one android phone to the other as you can share via Bluetooth.

12.  Go Chat

This amazing application allows you to get access to face book chat and you can easily chat on face book through your smart phone.


This article is all about the top rated android applications. As there are number of android applications in the android market so with the help of this step users can easily access directly to the top rated android applications in the market and will not find any difficulty in finding out the best one.

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