How to change Screen Resolution of Android Mobiles

Are you a habitual of looking smaller icons on your desktop but when you see on your mobile phone, you have to scroll the way vertically to locate your useful icons and also the bigger pictures look weird to you.

If the names be small then you can view more without scrolling on your phone’s screen at one go. So, here’s a simple tweak for this. You can easily reduce the screen resolution of your smartphone from the default one to the size you desire.

The hack is working fine on LG G2x when changed the density from 240 to 190. But the same didn’t work fruitfully on Nexus S as LockScreen etc. sucked.
Change Screen Resolution of Android Mobiles

The change in density might work or not for all the mobiles. We all know that when we change it on computer, some widgets organize into random order. Same is the case with phones as well. It can be that some of your widgets might get de-organized. In the latter case, you can revert to the original state. So, make sure you not forget to note down the original settings so that you can restore to defaults in case there are any problems in viewing the device widgets.

Changing Android Screen Resolution

Follow these simple steps and you are all done.
1. Open the Root Explorer.

2. Head over to system.

3. Click on ‘Mount R/O’ at top right corner.

4. Long press on build.prop file

5. Open it in Text Editor

6. Scroll the file to the very bottom ( just little higher than the bottom-most).

7. You will see a line as ro.sf.lcd_density=240

8. Change the numeric 240 to 190. You can change it to 200 or 220 that you desire. 190 will lead to smaller icons and continuously increasing it, will increase the size.

9. Click Menu key

10. Click Save Changes.

11. Go in ‘Rom Manager’.

12. Click ‘Fix Permissions’

13. Reboot your device.

14. Enjoy the smaller sizes widgets with more distributed space in between them.

You can also see the below video for the same.

Video showing to change Screen Resolution


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