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You are watching your favorite movie and suddenly your phone rings.
You are enjoying with your wife and at the same time some one calls you.

The above are just two of the scenarios that I have described. There may be another as well when you don’t want anyone to disturb you and give unnecessary calls on your mobile phone.

So, what’s the solution here?
Simple, just go and install Android App Mr. Number.
Block unwanted Calls on Android Mobiles

Mr. Number is an app that allows you to have a call on your smart phone only when you want. At other times, none can disturb you.

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Mr Number Features

• Let your friends know when you are available for talking.
The app uses the IM concept to text and voice. Your friends will come to know when you prefer messages and when voice. Mr Number will direct all the incoming calls to a voicemail and convey your callers your next availability. It can silence your ring; can place your smartphone in airplane mode. Your friends can also see that you are busy with another person and then they know that you should not be disturbed now. You can set your status and text them to all your contacts.

• Block unwanted calls from annoyers.
You can easily block any one man, woman by his/her complete name or by blocking a prefix or any area code. You can also block all others except the private calls from your contacts. You can block a particular city but what if your granny lives in that city, so obviously you don’t want to block her. She can also be set as an exception in this case.

• If you are in America then you can also know the calling-person, even if you don’t know the number displaying on your screen.
Actually, the company has a list of numbers, which are shared by some people. If the same boy or girl is calling you then his/her name can be displayed on the screen. But please make note that this feature is paid and available for only US citizens. You will get a trial-period of 7 days, after which it would be charged around $2 per month.

• With just a single click, new contacts can be added to the address-book.

• Spam reporting.

• If your any of the friend is also using this Android app then you can control the name that she/he will see when you are calling her/him.

• Know the Telemarketers before they waste your time.

Download Mr Number Android App

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