Hacking Bug Village Android Game

We just found a trick to hack the popular android game ‘Bug Village’.

For those of you who don’t know, Bug Village is an Android game where you can build a colony of bees those are busy and ants those are active. This colony is your small town of bugs, which in game is known as Bug-Village.

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You have to build the houses so that the ants and bees attract towards your houses. They all will be in the beautiful garden where they need to gather the resources that they need in order to expand your town and make it more beautiful.

You have to give food to these insects and need to decorate the town with colorful flowers. It’s a 3d city game.

The app is free to install and it has its own inbuilt currency (Acorns and Coins) that need to be bought for the real money. You can also buy the currency by some special offers.

So, here we are letting you know the procedure by which these coins and acorns can be purchased for free.
Bug Village Hack Android Game

How to Hack Bug Village

1. You must have Astro File Manager installed on your phone.

2. If you have the game installed on your mobile, uninstall it completely. Make sure that you wipe all the data.

3. Go to Market and install it again but please make sure that you don’t open it.

4. When you launch the game for first time, it will ask you to download some extra files.

5. Select to download to your sd card.

6. While the downloading is taking place and is not yet complete, go to the HomeScreen.

7. The downloading process will still continue in the background and when it is complete, you would be notified.

8. Please make sure that you don’t go in the app.

9. Open up Astro File Manager.

10. Go to the Sd card.

11. Go to Android, then the Data.

12. Open the ‘Bug Village’ folder.

13. Open folder ‘files’.

14. Hold and keep holding the ‘save_default’ file until it says as ‘Open As’.

15. Open the file with any Text Editor.

16. This is the place where you can enter as much cash and chips as you desire. You can enter ‘9999999999’ for both the fields.

17. Do not change any other fields or values.

18. Click on bug village notification. It will say preparing and if asks, click Resume and then ‘Play’.

19. Now you have unlimited number of coins and acorns and that too free with just a single tricky hack.

The credit goes to lil xsouljax from xda.

Note that this hack is just for educational purposes and not for any sorts of commercialization etc. We are not asking you to follow this tutorial. It is just for your knowledge.


  1. wont work anymore… i think its patched

  2. Hi I tried your directions but when i get to the open file folders step, i am not given the option of save_default any ideas as to how to fix this? Thanks!!

  3. Br0, it worked 4 me. just right now… THX SO MUCH!!! and its not bcs of the pach. its bcs u lack skills…

  4. Thanks! it worked for me too!

  5. it works! thanks so much!

  6. It worked for me only 1st time, but i set only 100 coins, so i wanted to do it again. When i edit the file and start the game, It was everytime downloading original save_default file…but, than i figured it out. So u have to start the game, let it to download original files, minimalize, edit the file save_default by instructions above, tap PLAY, the game will load, minimalize again(u have to wait, when the game is 100% loaded), and edit file to original values…now just go into the game, and u have it 😉

  7. ok. u through me off when it said dont open the app. on my fone, after it is installed you have to click the icon on the apps menu and then when you open it you will be asked if you want is saved to ur sd card. this may help people that cant figure out how to change where it is saved to. Thanks a lot for the info!

  8. Great. It works like a charm. Thanks for the tip. Got 999999 acorns and 999999 coins.

  9. It works, but I have to end up starting it all over again everytime I close the app. Sad =(

  10. If I uninstall my game, and wipe everything, am I going to lose evrything I have achieved so far? I have over 200,000 coins earned and level 23.

  11. Have tried multiple times, followed directions completely. But it resets the original values everytime I start the game. Plz help.

  12. do we know if this still works? I’ve been trying all day long.. i noticed that after i changed the currency its saves as a .docx doc and I have to change to .dat (the original file type) and when I press resume I not get extra currency. When I go back and check the file its been overwritten by the original 2000 acorns and 10 coins.. am I doing something wrong?

  13. I have same problem getted whin I resume It’s returned to original value

  14. anastasia holtman

    omg! im almost technolagy reyarded and you helped me! i dont have a credit card, or i would send you money! thank you all sooooooo much! they had ripped me off at glu 3 times, when i billed my phone account, for over 40 usd, then deleted my game several times. i tried to contact the jerks but in a month got no response. i also tried calling thier fake voicemail, left several unheard messages. thank you sooooo much! smart people rock(that means you, im not sure if your men or women or men and women…lol, so thats why i say smart people” THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. paola pamper

    will this work on acer a500? 🙂

  16. Do i have to restart over or how can.i apply this to current.game.progress….???

  17. This worked fine a month or so ago, but then with the update, it crashed the game and it wouldnt let me update the game or play it. Error message was wrong size on server. New phone as of today, got it installed, changed the values and now when the game loads for the first time, it crashes completely and can’t play at all.

  18. If you make a working hack for Iphone I will love you forever. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee. I will put some money in your paypal account? If you make a hack, lemme know, and if it works, I’ll make you happy! Just give me your paypal details, hopefully you have it lol. Anyways thanks!
    My email: abbeyrosethompson@hotmail.com

  19. Thanks

  20. good job.. my money is too manyyyy..thankz..

  21. It worked! A bit tricky especially the last part of the download.

  22. I was originally registered with their facebook app, and that info is saved on their database. This is why some of you might find it reset back to what your original village might look like with same amount of coins/acorns you had before leaving the app.

    I don’t mind starting over on my main FB account, but it seems this wont be happening. 🙁

  23. After the December update it doesn’t work.. No file called save_default exists anymore!! I think the developers got wise..

  24. It didn’t work 4 me. The app only added 147 chips, and when I went back on Astro Files Manager to check to see if I saved it, it was saved, so I went back on Bug Village and it took away the 147 coins that were added on before. ?????

  25. I tried to follow the steps exactly, but couldn’t find the save_default file. There are only a few files in the bug village folder, and most have “.big” extension. Any ideas?

  26. rnbismylife

    i have a new hack that i have salfe made, just i need a fake facebook account from you and i can make you 999999 coins and cash.. it’s the best way to hack coins.. email me when you are interested and mail me your fake fb account with login and password.. please mail me not your original facebook, this works but im not a hacker i will only help you to have unlimited coins.. when my help was finish, you can write a feedback here for my good work, thank you

    just mail me the login to: rnb_is_my_life@hotmail.de

  27. please help me!
    I installed ASTRO File Manager and also installed Bug Village. But when open Android —> Data—>File and don’t see file Bug Village to open. And don’t see “save _default” too.
    Maybe i wrong my step, help me please.

  28. Can anyone help us, we have tried doing your instructions for getting coins and acorns. Everything works until we get into files and need to hold the default_file. There is no default file. We have looked through everything in the file and there is no fields to change. If anyone can help as I really would like my daughter to have fun with this game but I am not willing to buy coins all the time.
    Thank you so much!

  29. Stealthygerm

    I don’t think you will no longer be able to do this. Glu got wise and as of there last update they changed it. There is no save-daefault anymore. and I don’t think I want to keep trying if people say they are getting it and from the last patch the game keeps crashing. CRASHING=NOGOOD. remember this is just my opinion all do as they wish. HAVE A NICE DAY

  30. My frnd it doesn’t shows any save_default file in the com.~~~~~.bugvillage/files directory plz just send me the save_default file or the whole game with.cracked file.
    My email add. Is Pradip.g33@gmail.com

  31. Please help me I need coins please…please… rind0916@gmail.com

  32. Please help mee I need coins for playing please…=<…… mi email is rind0916@gmail.com

  33. There’s no save default file for me

    im using SG tab II 7.0

  34. There are no save_default file

  35. Estefone totoy

    cant find save_default file. cant u help me wth dis plz… or send me the save_default file… heres my add. dsumagui021@gmail.com plz help. tnx

  36. The ‘save_default’ file is not present. ….The only file present are surface.grd , glu_logo.3gp , bugginout.big , bugginout_xga.big , en_xga.big

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