Easy Steps for Flashing ROM on Android

Those who are habitual of using smart phones and want to get access to every bit of its functionality must root out their device. In order to make device free from administrator’s control and take best out of it rooting and flashing ROM on smart phones have become common. Initially rooting the device is a complex process but still easy enough to be performed by a common smart phone user who understands the basics of it. Flashing a ROM is much easier process as compared to rooting and android based phone. Flashing ROM does not lose any internal data in your phone like pictures, videos and music etc. however it formats all the installed data like software, messages, contacts of your friends and even the apps you install. It is advised that you should keep a backup of these installed features. There are few simple steps that need to be followed for flashing a custom ROM.

flash root

  1. First of all download a ROM on your PC and then transfer it to your android. ROM can also be downloaded on android as well. One should only check its compatibility with the android. For the same device different version are available, so checking compatibility more than once is important.
  2. After downloading ROM second step for Flashing is to reboot your device into recovery mood. Combine using volume key and power button reboots device in most of the cases. Updating an already existing custom ROM does not require it to reboot. In case anyone does not know to make use of recovery buttons, or they are not working which can happen because booting has different ways in different devices, then other options are available too. Just go to play store and use a downloaded app for this purpose. Giving root access to the app can automatically boot android device into custom recovery.


  1. Third step is to wipe the data and system partition of android phone. Just select system and then swipe the war from partition options. Use wipe button option and then swipe bar that appears at bottom. Never use the format option. It can format all the internal storage containing music files, pictures and your contacts etc.
  2. Next step is simply installation of ROM. For this purpose being under the SD card is important. Otherwise one can’t navigate the zipped file that is stored in some folder or internal storage. For installing just tap the button and then navigate to zipped file that you had transferred in very first step of Flashing ROM.
  3. After installation of custom ROM, final step is too simple. Just reboot your android device and you are done with flashing ROM. There are other considerations too when you flash ROM in a different mood. Performing this action in AOKP or CaynogenMod, you also need to flash Google App Packages. Google App Packages can never be bundled with the ROM itself because these are proprietary. For this purpose they are separately downloaded and then installing them again requires rebooting your device. Flashing Google App Packages never requires a wipe action.


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