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Android has provided users with lot of games’ stuff and once you play them, you definitely fall in love with them. I will be sharing with you best android free and paid games that entertain mobile users in all respects.


Battle games have become more and more common nowadays. After success of mortal kombat, mohaa, dota, warcraft, and street fighter mobile users have gone crazy for battle stuff. Battleheart is one of those battle games which are of no introduction in Android. It is a paid stuff being offered by Android and it costs $2.99 to its players. For having its detailed story structure, you can have its guidebook widely available at moderate rates or it also comes with game itself.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds
Angry Birds

Highly played and downloaded game in Android market is ANGRY birds. This is because of its successful management, maintenance, and tremendous interface. Birds are angry because their eggs are being stolen or captures. They need to get their eggs back. So, this game is really astonishing. It is totally free and costs you nothing.

Toki Tori

Toki Tori is a puzzle game with paid version i.e. $2.99 only. It opposes Mario game and provides a good and healthy touch to mobile users. It provides users with lots of environments like hatched chicken, trapped friends, mates, and lot more stuff including pistols, guns etc. It provides users with awesome interface design and easiest control structure.

Armored Strike Online

Paid version of Armored strike costs $2.99 to its players but those who are fond of fighting stuff they must enjoy this game for sure. This provides you to make strategic approach and lets you face lots of hurdles in achieving your goals. You are being provided with plenty of weapons and you just aim at your enemies by planning lot of strategic approaches. This would definitely amuse you if you once give it a try.

Cut the Rope

Its cutting game basically which costs you with $1.02. Nothing much tricky in it but it’s a puzzle game. So, you must be good in handling puzzle scenarios before playing this game.


Games are being liked by users whether they are paid or free but if they are free and they offer equal features, users go with them. I have discussed a mixture with you i.e. android’s best free and paid games but it totally depends upon you that what you exactly like and choose.

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