Top Android Search Apps

Internet browsing is the need of the day. People of all categories either they are students, business men, teachers etc everybody needs internet browsing for various kinds of tasks like research, assignments, projects etc. To search anything related to our daily life internet browsing is the most effective and easy way. Now here are some of the Android apps with the help of which internet browsing would be much easier for the users and these apps have been considered as the top android search apps. With the help of these apps you can search any videos, songs; documents etc or students can search for their assignments, and daily topics related helps, tutorials, presentations directly through their android phones.

Voice Search

This amazing app is supported with voice recognition. With the help of this app you can control your phone with your voice commands like if you want to go for any web just speak into your phone and your phone will browse the web for you. Likewise you can also place your calls with call command. This app even helps the users even when they are walking and app is specially developed for the persons who used to be on drive mostly with this app they can also use their phones even while driving.

Gesture Speech

Gesture Speech Android Voice Recognize App
Gesture Speech Android Voice Recognize App

This is another way to make your android smart phone more efficient in use. With the help of this app you can draw letter on the screen of your android smart phone to locate your file in the phone.


This app is very much effective for the job seekers. This app displays the details and information of all the jobs placed at Users can easily read the details and can find the procedure that where and how to apply.

Look Up Lyrics

With this app you can browse the lyrics of any song by just typing the song title in search box given in the app. You can also search the song by artist name. On the other hand you cannot only find the lyrics if you want to search for the artist who sang that song or the song title can search with the lyrics of that song.

Find Torrents

This app is used to search the torrent files related to videos, songs, pictures etc. With the help of this app you can only search the torrents but you cannot download them.

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