Top Five Android Office Apps

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Android has always tried to develop apps to facilitate the users in their daily life. They have developed apps by keeping in mind the persons engaged in various categories. As we all know that Microsoft office app is the need of the day and this app is greatly in use by job persons and business men. This app is in great use by everyone either he is a business man or an employee. Sometimes it happens that we have to use MS Office on urgent basis like to make presentation or assignment and laptop is not with us so in that case we can use MS Office apps on our android phone and we can perform any kind of MS office task with the help of this app on our android phone anywhere we want. Now here are five android office apps that are considered as the best android office apps.

Documents to Go

This app can be used to edit the documents available is word, excel or power point format. The additional thing that we can enjoy is that we can also read the PDF files through this app but this feature is only available for the paid users. This app can be used with Google Docs account.

Quick Office Connect Mobile Suite

Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite

Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite

This app is the competitor of documents to go app and is available with many improved features than documents to go app. This app is available at a very low price of $9.99.

Think Free Office Mobile

This app is much simple and user friendly than other office apps. With the help of this app users can simply do task more easily and efficiently than other apps and can arrange the larger files more easily and in a better way. This app is available at a discounted price of $14.99.

Office Suite Pro

This app is offering more than other office apps. With this app you cannot only edit the word, excel, power point and PDF files this app also works very well for ZIP and CVS files. This app is available at a price of $14.99.

Open Office Document Reader

This app works as a reader app for Open Office and Libre Office document types for android. It allows you ODT and ODS files. It does not work for other file types. This app also work for other apps and serves as a codec like for Gmail and Dropbox.


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