Install Android Eclair 2.1 beta on Samsung Omnia i8000

Almar and his development team from XDA Developers have installed Android Eclair 2.1 beta on Samsung Omnia 2 i8000 and the following things are working on the phone.

* Wi-Fi.

* FM Radio.

* Downloading and Installation of Android Market apps.

* Phone (calling to anyone or receiving a call).

Almar was unable to work some of the things on his Omnia 2:
* Unapproved of 2D/3D files by Omnia. So, the phone kept on freezing.

* GPRS (Data connection).

* Sensors.

* Bluetooth.

Install Android Eclair Samsung Omnia

But he hopes that his team will soon find a solution to this.

The developer has also posted some of the features along with the phone models that he and his team was unable to fix. The list is stated below:

For Omnia Pro B 7610:
• Hardware Keyboard.

• Wi-Fi.

• Vibration.

• Some buttons.

For T Omnia II M 715,
• Hardware keys.

• Headphone plug.

• Phone.

• USB unsupported.

Omnia I920
• Not working.

On some of the features, the development team is working continuously. They are:
• Camera.

• Bluetooth.

• Light sensor.

• Proximity Sensor.

• I920 : This is one of the most crucial feature on which the team is working as the model fully is unsupportable and the users of this model are eagerly waiting to get it work.

• Froyo.

• Android 2.3.

• TV out.

• Wifi for B 7610.

• Android kernel and Image build.

Omnia on Eclair Installation

1. On your microSD card, we advise you to backup the files.

2. Head over to Start –> Settings –> Memory Settings –> Storage card.

3. Consider clicking the ‘Format’.

4. Download any one file from It can be either 1GB or 512MB.

5. Extract the files.

6. Place the extracted files in My Storage. Please make sure that you copy only the o2beta directory and ext2 tar, default text file, log text file, haret exe and zImage to the ‘My Storage’ root.

7. Open the directory ‘o2beta’.

8. Run haret executable.

9. The device will reboot automatically.

10. It will boot with Windows Mobile.

11. Head over to ‘My Storage’ and click haret executable file.

12. The device will reboot and will show you an Android logo on the screen.

13. Hold button ‘Lock’ for three or four seconds and turn off the phone.

14. Download and

15. Copy the above files to ‘My Storage’ root and over-write.

16. From ‘My Storage’, run haret executable.

17. You will see that it is booting at a much faster speed as compared to when it was booted initially.

18. You will see that you have Android Eclair on Omnia i8000.

Dual Booting Win-Mo and Android on Omnia

1. Download GenY Dual Boot from

2. Except ‘Gen.Y DualBOOT WVGA v1.0.6.0- Storage Card cab’, delete all other cabs.

3. On Device Storage, install the cab.

4. Copy and move executable haret, zimage and default text files to sd card root.

Get Live Wallpaper working

1. Consider booting to Windows.

2. In mass-storage mode, connect you mobile to your computer.

3. Open the ext2.tar.gz file. You can use any unzipping software such as 7Zip.

4. Head over to ext2.tar.gz\\ext2.tar\\system\\lib\\.

5. Unzip the lib zip file and copy all the three files.

6. Head over to ext2.tar.gz\\ext2.tar\\system\\app and copy all files here after unzipping the app zip file.

7. Close the 7Zip.

8. 7Zip will ask you for updating the archive. Confirm it.

9. Reinstall Android operating system.

10. After reboot, got to Home screen.

11. You will notice ‘Live Wallpaper’ option there from which you can change the wallpaper.

Android Eclair on Samsung Omnia Video

Please see the video:

xda thread.

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