How to prevent Zune from Relocking Windows Phone

Chevron, the phone unlocker for Windows Phone 7 devices enables users to install XAP files. But Zune relocks the phone after syncing. It looks really tedious when the mobile is locked again. When my mobile re-locked, I thought to throw it in the garbage :). But thanks, I controlled myself and saved my smartphone :). Now, you need not to worry if your mobile is locked again by Zune as now, you can read our article and prevent yourself for entering into bad situation. Also, you need not to think of throwing your smartphone in any dustbin like me :). Now, here’s a trick by which you can prevent Zune to relock WP7 devices, after they are locked by ChevronWP7.

Please remember that this hack is only for HTC Windows Phone 7 mobiles.

How to prevent relocking of Windows phones by Zune

You can follow the below steps and can prevent the re-locking of Windows mobiles after they are unlocked by Chevron WP7.

1. Download zip TouchXplorer.

2. Unzip the file and extract the TouchXplorer.xap from it.

3. Install the xap file on Windows Phone 7 handset.

4. Download zip HTC Connection Setup.

5. Unzip the file, extract Connection Setup.xap and install it on your Windows Phone 7 device.
6. Launch Touch Xplorer, follow the instructions to copy \\My Documents\\My Ringtones\\CustClear.provxml to \\Windows\\

7. Run HTC Connection Setup.

8. Tap on check button to let it provision.

Now, Zune would not be able to relock your WP7 device.

The above trick proves handy and useful to you and your windows smartphone as it saves the mobile to get re-locked again by Zune.

For more info, head to support at xda.

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