Reasons to Use iPhone Blacklist Checker

Millions of iPhones are sold by Apple each year with more and more customers carrying their “fruit” device anywhere they go. It is expensive to purchase a new gadget thus a lot of users prefer buying used devices. This saves you money but can also bring you in trouble.

There are a lot of used handsets sold online from different resellers which are blacklisted / barred / stolen / lost. If you happen to buy such a toy it will be only a toy. You never know when you purchase stolen iPhone. This piece of metal will be useless for making calls and texting. It will allow you listening to music only. This is now what you wanted to buy. Right?

It is highly advised to all consumers who wish to buy a used smartphone to run iPhone blacklist checker that will give you answers about your blacklist status BEFORE you made the purchase. This is really handy and is not complicated to get. You just should ask the reseller to give you the IMEI number of the gadget he or she is selling. The number is easy to look up. It is located under Settings – General – About and there is even simpler way to see this 15-digit number once the person calls *#06# – IMEI will be shown on the iPhone display.

iPhone blacklist check service requires entering the IMEI number and email where all the details about the particular device will be sent to. If your reseller doesn’t want to give this code you should start thinking, maybe he is trying to hide something.

Some iPhones are blocked by carriers and not blacklisted. Running iPhone blacklist check will give you this information as well. It is possible to unlock a blocked handset so that it can be used outside the country where it is blocked. It is sadly impossible to unlock a blacklisted IMEI gadget and smartphones that are reported as stolen or lost.

Use the service before unlocking and buying an Apple gadget and you will be protected from getting a surprise that doesn’t work and is useless. Secure your purchased by checking the IMEI code of the gadget.

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