Find Your Nokia Network and Lock Status for Your Lumia Smartphone

Nokia Lumia network finder has been designed to help fans of this brand to unlock their smartphone and start using different networks. The service is cheap. It is must use for everyone who is thinking about ordering factory unlock in the future.

Locked users get no chances for switching SIMs and jump between data plans and operators in their home countries and across the world. When you are locked you are limited to make calls on Nokia using only ONE network with all its pros and cons. You have no other choice unless you learn how to find your Nokia network and unlock the device by IMEI number.

Nokia, just like a lot of other companies, sells two types of smartphones. They are either locked or never-locked. It is much cheaper to buy a locked gadget then to pay the full price for the SIM-free device. Locked handsets are offered at subsidized price by carriers who have their customers at a hook of a 2-year contract or similar conditions.

Nokia carrier finder is easy to use. It will answer the main question: what mobile operator your Lumia is locked to.

How to Find Nokia Network on Lumia
The best part about this service is how simple it is to complete.

Step 1. Dial *#06# to see your IMEI number on the screen. This is completely free to do. If you don’t like this method, just look on your sticker located under the gadget’s battery.

Step 2. Make sure your smartphone is activated.

Step 3. Fill in the Nokia network finder fields providing the IMEI and your email address.

Step 4. Pay for the service and look in your email box. You will get the email with details about your device as soon as the company completes your order.

Find Nokia Lumia Network Results
You will see your serial number, warranty status and class, your product type and code, country and network the device was originally manufactured for and other details. Look for the field titled “Factory SimLock” and if it says “Y” you will see the name of your carrier in “SIM LOCK” field.

Note that this service doesn’t unlock your Nokia Lumia. It doesn’t support blacklisted devices and gadgets that are not activated. If your request is incorrect there will be no refund.

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