To jailbreak or not to jailbreak android?

 Most of the owners of smart phone have thought how to jailbreak their device. Almost, all of the site or blogs associated with technology have at list one article with title “how or why to jailbreak your Smartphone”. First of it must be noted that jailbreak it is an illegal process and companies doesn’t agree with that. There are some devices that jailbreak is easier than others. But, in a case you need to have some knowledge of technology because in an error you’ll be locked out of your device.


Why jailbreak your smart phone?

Well, jail breaking your smart phone is to eliminate the restrictions that have been set up by the company which has set up the phone. The restrictions are related with the security of our personal data and information or to download apps you have to pay for the download and installed in your device.


In android jail breaking is for developers that have a lot of knowledge in technology and want to be taken advantage of device capabilities. By jail breaking Android you can up great a new version of android jail breaking (for example if the version of your Android is 2.1 you can up great in 2.3 or 4.0 ect.).

Most of the Android users, jail breaking their devices to up great in a newer version because the companies (like Samsung or Sony Ericson or others) in most cases doesn’t sending up grates. For Android users there is not issue for the apps because most of the apps are unlocked or they are low in price. In contrast ios users jailbreaking to be able download apps for free or in low price.

Does Risks exist?

If you know how to jailbreak or how to use apps or witch app you should download there is no problem. If you have the knowledge you are not in danger to be demi (like most of users) and if you read instructions in blogs or sites you might get locked. If you are locked you have or to return the device (with all the consciences for the provider) or to pass it to someone with very good knowledge of technology. All of your information, like contacts, e-mails, messages ect. Are “on the net” and can be used by third party people for their own (mostly illegal) purposes.


The new version of your Android jail breaking might be not the suitable for your device and this will cause you other problems like, you will not be able to go back to the oldest version.

The jailbreak voids the device warranty. This means that if something happens to the device and go to some service while it is jail broken, you will void your warranty.

It is up to you if you like to have a jail broken smart phone having all of your privacy on the net or to have apps in low price. You will balance your needs and make your choice the only thing I have to say to you is good luck.


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