What is meant by Rooting an Android and what are its major advantages?

Do you know that android is emerging as popular mobile operating systems? Yes, the android operating system is one of the most establishes operating system. With the passage of time, the flexibility of android operating systems with different smart phone apps is increasing. Android also increases the flexibility of your phone as well you can also extend by rooting android.  You have to first understand the definition of rooting.

What is rooting and what is meant by backup? This is a very important question related with this operating system. You can say that rooting of an android device is not different than jail breaking of iPhone. When you will root your android device, you will have extra access on your android operating system. The rooting of your android device means that you can take complete control of your phone as well as modify the operating system. You can use a program that is specially designed for rooting android device.  The program which is designed for rooting android device is known as Switch User [SU]. This program exploits the vulnerability present in the code or drivers of the android operating system. There are many advantages of rooting an android device.

root android device

Rooting an Android Advantages

  • Customization of Android Operating System

Customized Android operating system is the first main advantage of the rooting an android device. You have to understand that android devices are not always bound to their original operating system. This means that you can customize the operating system of your android device depending upon your needs and requirements. When you will have a look on the android market, you will see that the more popular android devices are more customized. Rooting an android device will allow you to alter the files of systems, customize the themes and change the boot images. With the help of rooting an android device, you can also delete the apps which you don’t need in your device.

  • Restore and Backup

Restore and backup option is the second advantage of rooting your android device. The rooting of your android device will provide you a way to back-up your entire device image on a SD card. You can restore your old settings from the SD card. This option can help you to try out different operating systems on your android device.  You can easily restore old ROM from the device image. This provides you convenience and supports your android system to be more updated.

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  • Allow free space

It may happen that you will reach the maximum storage limit on your android device. For overcoming this problem, you have to move your applications to an SD card. You can use different popular android custom ROM for transferring your android apps to an SD card. This is the third main advantage of rooting an android device.  There are many android applications that specifically require rooting of the android device. Different android apps help you to over/under clock the device.

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