July’s Hot 5 Android Apps

Don’t go anywhere looking out for the Top 5 Best Android Apps of all time. Here it is what you want:


Instagram is a great way to share the amazing and beautiful pictures you have stored in your smartphone. You can edit your pictures by using the eye-catching effects that this app has. You can transform your everyday work into a form of an art. Sharing of your photos is also very easy. You can share it with your friends in a photo stream. In addition to it, you can always follow any photo you like, uploaded by your friends. The app has full front and back camera sport and you can also share your photos to your favorite social network.

WhatsApp Messenger

Once you and your friends have this app in there phones, you can text your friends for free. WhatsApp uses your 3G of Wi-Fi network to send or receive texts. In addition to messages, you can also send videos, images and voice notes to your friends. You can also enjoy a group conversation with your contacts. Currently, this app is available for Nokia, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Android. There are no logins, no usernames. Just run the app and it is ready for use. There are no charges (except your 3G and Wi-Fi charges). The app is available for free to use and you will be paying just $0.99 after the 1st year.

July Hot 5 Android Apps
July Hot 5 Android Apps

Temple Run

After stealing the cursed idol from the temple, you have to run. There are demons, monkeys and other evil creatures who will try to stop you and you have to escape. You can gather coins, enjoy power-ups, unlock new characters and give your friends a high score that they will not be able to beat for a long time. It’s addictive. It’s fun.

Tiny Flashlight + LED

It is a very useful application for every Android user out there. There is widest range of devices with camera flashlight that this app supports. There are different widgets for you to choose from. In addition to it, there is a screen light, bright enough for daily use. There are warning lights, police lights and many other types of lights that you can select. It is the best flashlight app available.

These are the Top 5 Best Android Apps. Stay in touch as more apps will be here soon.

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