Run Android Applications on Windows

Simple Tips To Run Android Applications on Windows

You really need not to worry regarding running your android apps over Windows. With the help of latest improvements in versions of android OS, the android applications can easily be run over windows. If you wish to try android before buying it, enjoy its different flavors by synchronizing your applications between the android OS and the PC.

Run Android Applications on WindowsThe easiest and simple way is to use Blue Stacks, You Wave or the Emulator. It makes your life much easy and keeps you out of worries. Since android has achieved a greater proportion in the market therefore people need to have flexible features regarding utilizing android.

Blue Stacks

They don’t let you enjoy the full flavor of complete android. In fact it acts as a layer that runs every application of android over your PC. They usually work in full-screen mode .but the control of other programs can be managed if we use an ALT-Tab option, though these programs are opened.

In order to have more applications, you need to do a little effort. Just click the icon saying “Get more apps” from the displayed menu. To achieve this purpose it’s necessary that either you are connected via face book or the Blue Stacks account. It’s a great thing if you have an android device. It will do immense wonders for you. In order to synchronize your applications within the android device and PC, simply install the app named as “Blue Stacks Cloud Connect”.

You Wave

It’s not completely available as freeware software but if you are really made about android then you can use the 7 day free trial version. At least you can have an experience of the look and feel of android. It displays an imitated environment, containing a main home screen and application menu. You can easily view the content regarding latest application stores that are available. Simply click the view menu and choose the option of online content to observe them.

Official Android Emulator

The development kit of android provided by Google, gives a free imitator, targeting the developers in this industry. With the help of this procedure, the advance versions of android can be run. The Android imitator of Google absolutely doesn’t execute as well as Blue Stacks or You Wave. There is no integration of android’s market or any other suitable application store within it.


The open endless platform that the android provides to its developers makes it a fabulous working area for the developers, whereas such a convenience isn’t available if you wish to try it out for iPhone or iPad applications on the Windows. Though certain limitations and boundaries still persist, even then android out stands its competitors in the industry. The cursor option was transformed to a touch screen interface. This richly designed interface attracted the attention of developers to design applications that meet the user’s demands beyond expectations and give them a new charm of worldly pleasures in IT technology throughout the world.


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