[How To] Recover Bricked Sony Ericsson Xperia Phones with FlashTool

We already shared a tutorial regarding rooting of Sony Ericsson Xperia Smartphones. You can check the below tutorials for rooting your Sony mobiles.

* Root Tutorial for Xperia Play
* Root Xperia Neo/Arc

But some of you might fear of being your costly smartphone brick. So, here’s a way with which you can restore your mobile back to its original state. This recovering of your Xperia can be done by using a tool called FlashTool.

FlashTool Features

* It can flash original Firmware Images.
* Install xRecovery, Busybox.
* Can Clean your device’s ROM by removing your desired apps.
* Clear Dalvik Cache.
* Can Root your device (but only if you have Android 2.1).
* Helps in Uninstalling Apps.
* Edit build.prop file of your smartphone.

How To Flash Original Firmware Image on Xperia and Restore to its Original State

1. Download the latest version of FlashTool from here [Link]

2. Download the compatible FTF file for your mobile phone.
For Xperia Play,
UK Generic.184 FTF file can be downloaded from here [Link]
Although the above FTF file should work for US and European Generic devices also but then also to be on safer side, download the compatible FTF file of your phone from here [Link]
For other Ericsson Mobiles, Head over to this [Link] and download the compatible Firmware files for your mobile.

3. Copy the FTP file that you have downloaded in Step 2 to firmwares folder in Flashtool as shown in below image.
Firmware Image of Xperia

4. Open FlashTool and click Flash button.

5. Select FTP firmware file and click OK.

6. Wait for some time till the process completes.

7. When the process is complete, you will get a popup message (Please don’t click on that message).

8. Unplug the USB cable from your computer.

9. Switch Off your device.

10. Press the Power button and holding it, plug the USB cable in the computer.

11. A green LED will appear.

12. You will get a popup message. Click ‘OK’.

13. You will see ‘Start Flashing’ Message as in below image.
Xperia Bricked by FlashTool

14. When process completes, unplug your smartphone from computer.

15. You will now have your Xperia Mobile Bricked. Congrats πŸ™‚ .



  1. Hahahahaha step 15
    15.You will now have your Xperia Mobile BRICKED. Congrats .

  2. X10i will only boot to Sony Ericcson logo after failed flash with Flash Tool 3.0.
    Tried following your unbrick instructions above but when connected to FT for flash it asks for unknown sources and debugging to be turned on.
    How can you do that when you cannot turn a freaking bricked phone on. πŸ™ Sad!

  3. no popup message ok after plug usb cable???????????????


  5. ok,i was rooting my xperia x10 n when i was done turned on the phone,it was stuck at SONY ERRICSON logo n wont show any thing else……plz help me how can i fix it!!

  6. Thank you so much for this!
    I accidently bricked my xperia play when I tried to root it while I had a unlocked bootloader.
    This worked (took around 5 min) and it was very simple.
    If you don’t understand how to follow this guide feel free to email me Zabre_the_man@hotmail.com and I will try to help you.

  7. Bruno Oliveira

    How can I find and download the TFT for my Sony Xperia Neo MT15a (not the MT15i) ?

    thanks in advance

  8. when connected to FT for flash it asks for unknown sources and debugging to be turned on.
    How can you do that when you cannot turn a freaking bricked phone on. πŸ™ Sad!

    • Hi, I have the same problem, it wont connect to flashtools, It does connect initially but i get error. Put in Mtp mode then – it says turn usb debug on …any ideas how to fix thanks…Its a xperia play

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