[How To] Flash SBF File on Motorola Atrix 4G

If you own Motorola Atrix 4G device and have mistakenly bricked it then here’s SBF file for your phone. Flash this file and your phone will be unbricked again. Jailbreaking and rooting an expensive mobile is often required to gain complete control over it and make it work on your own way. But sometimes, the process costs you your costly Mobile phone and you are left with just a plastic body that resembles a mobile handset.

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Flash SBF file on Atrix 4G

If same is the case with Atrix 4G, then you can restore it again to its original state with this SBF file.

Flashing SBF File on Atrix 4G Instructions

1. Download RSDLite 5.0 and install it.

2. Download SBF file package below and extract it. You will see SBF file in it.
Version 1.2.6 [Link] (Password: atrixbl)
Version 1.5.2 [Link] (After downloading, rename .rar to .gz)

3. Drivers if your computer doesn’t have
64 bit [Link]
32 bit [Link]

4. Switch Off your phone.

5. Remove SIM and micro USD cards.

6. Switch On your phone; hold Volume Up button until it recognizes RSD.

7. You will see message ‘Starting RSD protocol support’.

8. Run ‘RSD Lite’ on your computer.

9. Press ‘. . .’ button, which will be next to the box labeled ‘Filename’.

10. Load SBF File that you downloaded in Step 2.

11. Connect your mobile to the computer.

12. RSD Lite will recognize your smartphone and will say ‘Model: NS Flash Olympus’ and ‘Connected…’

13. Press ‘Start’ button.

14. Your device will reboot. It will take some time.

15. After reboot, you will see your mobile working as expected 🙂 .

NOTE: Please note that flash this file only if necessary. It will unbrick the bricked handsets but if your mobile is not bricked, do not take risk. We will not be responsible for any damage to the device. Also, please charge your device completely before performing this.


If you use this trick after gingerblur OTA, you can end up your device bricked


  1. Jason Reiver

    How do you know which SBF File Package to download? Version 1.2.6 or 1.5.7?

  2. will this work on a UK Atrix with the Orange network?

  3. i flash my phone perfectly and it also work perfectly but i have a problem with call ending.. my call wasnt ending although i ending the phone …..

    pls give me solution


  4. now phone restart automatically wwhenever i call ………..

  5. dhavel….what SBF did you flash?

  6. Vinay Sharma

    Can i flash the latest SBF from ATT using this method?
    Version: 4.5.91
    Android Version: 2.3.4 ??

    Need Help updating my phone.

  7. Vinay Sharma

    Can i use this method to flash the latest build of custom rom in my atrix 4g?

    Branding: AT&T US
    Version: 4.5.91
    Android Version: 2.3.4

    Need Help

  8. if the phone says starting fastboot protocol support and when i connect the phone to the system the system does not see the phone

  9. This bricked my phone, getting failed to boot 0 X 1000 on startup, then turns off. Tried flashing after gingerblur OTA, there was no warning here, please add for others.

  10. just wont detect my phone

  11. If you do this after the gingerbread OTA you will brick your device.

  12. 1.6.2 restores gingerblur?

  13. I hard bricked my phone using this method. There should have been a warning stating to not use this method if you had gingerbread.

    • How bricked are we talking, the 0 X 1000, or a boot loop? Does adb detect it? Mine got the 0 X 1000, Motorola replaced it because I still had warranty and said I was having issues with GB and flashed Froyo to try to solve it. But if it’s a minor problem, I may be able to help.

  14. My rooted and unlocked bl is stuck in boot loop after trying to flash a custom ROM. NEED HELP ASAP

  15. Plz, the links 4 the sbf file not working, plz provide working link

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