Let us Review the Best Android Apps

Let us review some of the best Android apps being introduced in market for users.


Quickpedia is a fantastic application of Android. As far as its interface is concerned, it is designed and developed superbly especially for mobiles users. It lets users to perform advanced search and all of them can search what they want and desire for. They can search their most favourite topics and their search for topics is almost unlimited. Quickpedia lets users to have a search of almost 14.5 million various articles and topics. All of these special topics and articles are featured on Wikipedia. When you open this application, it will display you an awesome and simple page but it will be a most beautiful page having a search bar and lot of functions at top most corner of search bar. These all functions may include ‘Search Featured’ option which will take you to most recent viewed or featured articles or topics and similarly it may provide you with ‘Popular’ option which will let you go through most popular articles on Wikipedia.

Compare Everywhere App For Google Android

We must have an idea of Android’s application known as ShopSavvy. This application Compare Everywhere is also much similar to that previous discussed application ShopSavvy. If you have downloaded this application in your personal Android device, you will be amazed to listen that you can search for local prices of any product you want by just scanning items’ barcodes through proper device. For purpose of scanning, users of Android simply use built-in cameras of their phones which are being provided to them by developers. Users just click at items and barcode of each item displays prices accordingly. Just to test, you can pick 30 or more items, and barcode will scan each product providing you with price of each product for sure.

Pocket Auctions for eBay

Pocket Auctions for eBay
Pocket Auctions for eBay

Android developers have provided users with best Facebook application which has brought an awesome breakthrough in IT market. This breakthrough has left previous Android devices too far and Android devices have gained a lot of popularity and fame right after this. eBay is an application which has affected Android’s market positively and perfectly. Pocket Auctions for eBay is now available for Android devices and has proved best up till now.  You can easily and perfectly browse for items and if you don’t have any idea about some item, you can even download images and information regarding that specific item. This application also sets up alerts for Android users so that they are being triggers easily when auctions move towards closing dates.

Layar Reality Browser Android app

The Layar Reality Browser is an application being designed and developed for Android users which lets users to successfully go through the camera lens and eventually they can view and enjoy real time footage of businesses, bars, natural landmarks, historical landmarks, and lot more relevant stuff. This is a superb browsing application which lets users to have a quick look through the camera lens on their camera and view both digital and real time stuff.


Foursquare is an awesome and highly ranked social game which lets Android users keep track of their nearby friends and mates. It checks and verifies places and locations of people around you and you can successfully explore and locate anyone you want. You can explore towns, places, locations, and even you can check in at right place many times and earn infinite discounts from some most common places like restaurant or store. Foursquare allows you to go out and enjoy a lot. It’s simply a unique and awesome application to use.


One thing needs to be kept in mind that BeebPlayer is not licensed distributor of BBC but it is an end-user client and exactly looks like the iPlayer with respect to font, design, and size. iPlayer’s functionality doesn’t match much with BeebPlayer as far as quality and results are concerned but still it is awesome and best application and is purely official unlike BBC. Users having successful deployment of Android on Vodafone always get best results through this application. This is all because BeebPlayer offers such networks like 3 Tarffis or Vodafone over 3G’s successful platforms. It does not ever mean that other networks don’t allow this functionality. They do allow it but there may be variation in quality, performance, output, and quantity.

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