How to Root Samsung Galaxy 5 (GT-I5500/I5503)

The Samsung Galaxy 5 is smarter version of Samsung Corby. This smartphone from Samsung has Android Éclair 2.1 instead of Samsung Bada OS. In some places, the phone has shipped with the Froyo 2.2 with Samsung TouchWiz User Interface.
Root Samsung Galaxy 5

We here are providing you the simplest way to root your Samsung Galaxy 5.

How to root Samsung Galaxy 5
1. Download Universal Androot and Install it.
2. After installation, open the App and click on install button. Make sure to check Install from 3rd party providers in the Settings –> Applications?Unknown Sources.
3. That’s it.



  1. Hi,

    Any guidance please

    Rooted SAMSUNG Galaxy 551with z4root and now back is not working. Event tried Button Saviour, but it also doesn’t work. So it means not problem with hardware but some soft piece got interrupted while rooted the phone.

    Any suggestions as now warranty is void and I am left on community help.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  2. above download link not valid of universal androot

  3. The Samsung Galaxy Five smart phone is one serious piece of hardware and is a fantastic phone for those that want something inexpensive and easy to use. It won’t play Angry birds like the iPhone but it is the best phone I have ever used. If there was a better phone in this world, I would use it.

  4. 2 questions.
    1)Why does the phone turns into no-functional one in some cases while rooting it ?
    2)How do u recover back if it gets non-functional(brick) while rooting ?

  5. There’s no universal androot in the market!!!

  6. Where is it?

  7. Steve C. Miller

    Beware! this link (app) installs a backdoor /virus on your system!

  8. i installed universal androot to my gt i5500 “froyo” but when i run it, it says failure… how can I fix it? thanks

  9. is there any problem occurs in the phone after rooting and how much cost does it take?…

  10. tried this in Galaxy ace 2.2. It does not work. Message appears: “Failed! No Fo goo!”

  11. my galaxy 5i5503 is not getting rooted wit universal androot. Wat to do please help me to root my mobile

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