Root now available for Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was one of the most highly anticipated smart phones in recent memory. The success of its antecedent got tech geeks and tech heads excited over the possibilities it could open. Samsung Galaxy S4 was released in late- April this year and has been reported to have gone past the 40 million sales mark according to its manufacturers. Even if sales of the Samsung S4 (Galaxy) have been brisk, it was still not comparable to the sales of its predecessor the Samsung S3 (Galaxy).  This could be because no phone, not even a smart phone as highly anticipated as this one, will ever be perfect.

Some users felt that there could still be some improvements that can be made in the inner workings of the phone that was limited by Samsung. Developers have instead been able to create a program that will help in gaining some of the improvements that people want to see from their smart phones. These developers have come up with a root that will help people using the Samsung Galaxy phone to its fullest advantage. The program is promised to provide better GPS (global positioning system), better Wi-Fi and loading.


Before installing the root however, it must be noted that all files must be backed up and stored because there is a possibility that users will lose these when the override program is installed.

Rooting Samsung Galaxy S4
1. First things first, you must download the zip file which can be found in some developer websites and forums.

2. The zip file must then be placed on an SD Card that will be inserted into the smart phone.

3. Second, you must boot your smart phone into recovery.

4. Next, install the zip file from the SD Card and let the program boot up into the phone.

5. Once it has booted, open the cover at the back and pull out the battery.

6. The smart phone will now turn off.

7. Put the battery back on the smart phone and then close the cover.

8. Turn on the smart phone and once again boot in recovery mode and make a format cache.

9. After you have done the reboot, the program will now be installed.

The developers said the program is already stable but there may still be a few bugs remaining that will continue to be ironed out. Some people who have already installed the new program have reported several issues and the developers have tried to fix as many problems as possible. There were some issues with the phone remaining open and some slowness in the response time of keyboards, cameras, lights and the signature Air Gesture of the Samsung S4 (Galaxy).

There were also some issues that users found with the performance of the third party apps like weather apps and the music player. The program’s developers however said it has been able to resolve some of these issues and the apps that were previously running slow were already improved. Users may want to hold off though as there have been rumors that Samsung will be releasing the Samsung Galaxy S5 soon. But for those who will stick with their Samsung Galaxy S4, the root will further improve their devices.

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