[How To] Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Recently, Google showed the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to the 5000 developers at Google I/O and it was hoping that the developers would be excited on this tablet and would create new apps for it. But Google’s all hopes were thrashed when the tablet is been rooted in less than 24 hours since it was handed over to the 5000 developers. Many developers like mbirdman and some from AllDroid.org are successful in rooting it. And moreover, it’s very easy to do so. It was one of the easy ways to do so. Here, we are showing you the steps by which rooting was possible.

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Rooting Instructions for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

1. Download and Install ADB shell on your computer.

2. Your computer must have the drivers for Galaxy Tab 10.1. For this, install Samsung Kies application, which will add the required drivers to your pc.

3. Download the tool needed for rooting purposes from our channel [here]

4. Connect your tablet to the pc.

5. Go to the directory where you have saved the downloaded file from Step3. Open command prompt and enter below commands as shown in below image:
adb push Rooting-Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-10.1.zip /sdcard/Rooting-Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-10.1.zip
adb reboot recovery
Rooting Galaxy Tab 10.1

6. The above commands will boot your tablet into recovery mode.

7. Use the arrow keys for moving up/down and power key to select.

8. Select ‘apply update from /sdcard’ and select your zip file.

9. You will have your 10.1 as now rooted 🙂


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