[How To] Root Samsung Galaxy S II I9100

Here’s a root procedure for SGS2 phones. Some people try to root it with Gingerbreak. But Gingerbreak is not a perfect tool for rooting this device as some users complained about this tool not rooting their devices. No doubt, Gingerbreak rooted some of the SGS2 phones but it doesn’t work on all the retail smart phones. So, we are here with some other methods for you.

Chainfire, senior moderator at xda is able to successfully root the Samsung Galaxy S II (I9100) smart phones.

Before following the below listed steps, first please note the original kernel version by navigating to Settings –> About

In the tutorial guides, if you want any of the files in email from us, please comment at the end with the files needed. We would be happy to email you.

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Rooting Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 SGS2
Method 1 (For Experienced Users)
1. Reboot your phone into download mode.

2. Download Odin3

3. Download XWKDD kernel

4. Using Odin3, Flash the kernel as PDA. Please note that you should not use PIT. Also, no options should be checked except ‘F. Reset Time’ and ‘Auto reboot’.

5. Your phone will reboot now.

6. When it’s rebooted, restart the ADB in root mode using the command ‘adb root’.

7. Get a rooted shell by typing ‘adb shell’.

8. Now you can use SuperOneClick OR Can manually push Superuser.apk / su, busybox. SuperOneClick to finish the job for you.

Method 2 (For Beginners)
1. Download ODIN 3 file. Extract the contents and save on your computer.

2. Download XWKDD. Do not extract the .tar file.

3. Download Superoneclick.

4. Download Samsung Kies and install drivers for your smartphone.

5. When Kies is installed, Reboot your pc.

6. On your phone, go to Settings –> Applications –> Development and enable USB Debugging.

7. Power off your phone.

8. Power On your phone by holding Volume Down, Home and Power buttons at the same time and start your device in download mode.

9. Start ODIN.

10. With USB cable, connect the smartphone to the pc.

11. Odin will recognize your device and it will show as connected.

12. In ODIN, except ‘F. Reset Time’ and ‘Auto reboot’, nothing should be checked.

13. Press ‘PDA’ button and select ‘XWKDD_insecure.tar’ file that you downloaded in Step2.

14. Press ‘Start’.

15. Odin will flash the kernel now.

16. Your smartphone will reboot automatically.

17. After reboot, start SuperOneClick and press ‘Root’.

18. Reboot the smartphone.

19. Voila!!! All done 🙂

Please note that there can be slightly bugs in the tutorial as the developer himself has not tested this. Let us know if you tried this and it worked for you or not.

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  1. is this possible for a dutch OS without losing the dutch OS 🙂

  2. i rooted the phone but now my wifi is not working 🙁

  3. Josh, try to enable and connect the AllShare function in your SGS2, in the SGS works very well.

  4. you should note that this has been superseeded by http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1103399

  5. What does i mean when you “reboot “?
    im from Denmark so i guess thats why i dont know.:)

  6. Hello, i don’t want to cheese anybody off with repeat questions etc, and i apologise if i do/have.

    I own a Samsung Galaxy S which is unlocked and updates as it should with Kies.
    Last week, i bought a Samsung Galaxy S2, which was locked to the T-Mobile network.
    The lad at the shop where i bought the handset from, unlocked it(i am on the 3UK network, and have NO intention of changing), and rooted it.

    The issue that i’ve got with the handset, is the mobile hotspot feature. I tether my laptop to my Galaxy S and use the internet with no problem, but not so with the Galaxy S2. I can tether it to my laptop, but that’s it. Everything else seems to work ok. Oh, and i have the yellow triangle each time i switch it on.

    I have been reading various posts on different sites about rooting and i’m confused as ever – I had an accident with my n900 and had to wait for 2 months when it was sent to a Nokia High Level repair center, i p/ex’d it for the Galaxy S2.

    The Galaxy S2 information is:

    Model number GT-I9100
    Android version 2.3.4
    Baseband version I9100XXKG1
    Kernel version
    Build number GINGERBREAD.XXKG1

    I have read that i need a “a stock kernel” to get rid of the warning triangle, i have seen on the XDA site different 3UK kernels, i haven’t got a clue which one to choose. Also, the latest version of Odin and SuperOneClick??? Does the app ‘Superuser’ come with rooting? as it’s in my menu.
    Is the firmware and everything else i need downloaded with Odin? What do i do in regards to installing future firmware updates?

    Basically – i need an “IDIOT PROOF”, step by step guide to flashing/rooting/updating my Galaxy S2, so it’s bug free and works as well or better than my Galaxy S. I haven’t tried anything yet as i don’t know which bit to do first, and i’m very wary of the Galaxy S2 ending up like my n900.

    Many thanks, Mick

  7. would this work with BVKH2 kernel?

  8. If i rooted will my data be wiped out ?????

  9. Hi there,

    Can you email me an insecure kernel for BOKG1 or BOKG2 please?

    I found a BOKG2 insecure kernel but when I extracted the zip file it wasn’t a tar file but an image file. A bit disappointed.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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