[How To] Root Samsung Galaxy S I9000 JV 9 / JV O

myshu from xda has successfully rooted the I9000 BUJV9 JV9 and I9000 XXJVO JVO smartphones. We are here showing you the steps that he has followed to do the same.

Please read the complete instructions first before preceding. Also, do it at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage to your precious set.

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Rooting Galaxy S I9000

Rooting Galaxy S I9000 – Instructions

1. Download Heimdall and extract the contents on your desktop.

2. You must have Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Runtimes installed on your computer. Install if you don’t have it. [Visual C++ 2010]

3. Download fuguroot kernel for Heimdal

4. You will also need zImage from your desired firmware. You should extract the zImage file from PDA.tar file or the onefile firmware .tar using 7zip

5. Back up all your files.

6. Power off your device.

7. Take out the battery from the phone.

8. After 10-15 seconds, insert the battery again.

9. Start the smartphone in Download Mode.

10. Connect the smartphone to the computer.

11. Go to folder Heimdall –> Drivers (downloaded in Step1). You will see zadig.exe file in it. Double click it to run it.

12. From the menu, select Options –> List All Devices.

13. From USB device list, select ‘Samsung USB Composite Device’.

14. Press ‘Install Driver’.

15. Select ‘Yes’ to any (all) warnings, if appear and click ‘Install Driver Software Anyway’.

16. Wait for the process to complete.

17. When the process is complete, you are done with installing the drivers.

18. Exit the zadig.exe

19. Go to Heimdall folder and click heimdall-frontend.exe

20. Browse from the kernel category and select the fuguroot kernel (that was downloaded in Step3).

21. Click Start and wait till the process completes.

22. Please make sure that you not remove the USB cable connecting your device to pc.

23. You will see fugu bootlogo in the form of a red color fish.

24. Your device will turn off automatically and it will start charging.

25. When you see that it’s charging, disconnect the USB cable from pc.

26. Take out the phone’s battery out.

27. After 10-15 seconds, put the battery back in.

28. Start it again in Download Mode.

29. Connect it again to the computer via USB cable.

30. Browse from the Kernel category to the stock zImage that you have extracted from the stock firmware from Step 4.

31. Select Start.

32. When process is done, you can disconnect the cable.

33. The phone starts having superuser in it and you will see that it’s ROOTED.

34. Congrats 🙂

35. If you want, you can also perform a hard/factory reset as the root and you will still see superuser there.

All sorts of support available at xda app thread link

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