Some tools for flashing Android ROM

The need for flashing a new ROM on the Android device is a common phenomenon and people may waste hours for dealing with the flashing process, but are unable to flash the ROM of their Android devices. Now, fortunately there are some apps that come with the intuitive kind of interface and they can help you to flash ROM of your android device. In this article we are discussing some of the common apps that are used by the people for flashing ROM of the android devices either phones or tablets.


  • ROM Manager: Now, first one is the ROM manager and it is considered as one of the best app for managing the flash ROM’s of android devices. This app can be downloaded and used in the rooted android devices. The ROM manager has a really very simple interface to offer for its customers, which is also convenient to navigate. This app can install the flash ROM directly from the SD card of the android device. Or the users can download the ROM with the help of this app. It also provides a backup and restore feature for the ROM’s.
  • ROM Toolbox Lite: The functionality of the ROM Toolbox lite is quite similar to the ROM manger. It also operates on the rooted android devices and it provides something extra ordinary then just the ROM management feature. The ROM Toolbox lite is a complete as well as comprehensive package for the people regarding the customization of their android device.  It provides installation, ROM management, back-up and ROM restoration functions for the users. It can also create and can run the scripts such as the root and also install the custom fonts.


  • Auto flasher: The auto flasher is another widely used app by the android users for flashing the ROM’s of their android devices. It enables your device to select more than one ROM and flash all of them at one time. The auto flasher is very easy to use as it recognizes the ROMs on the basis of the pattern of the file name. It also utilizes the TEWRP and runs on the rooted android devices, but if the users are uneasy with the TWRP they can ski it. The auto flasher is totally free and is very good in providing the ROM management features in your android devices.
  • Flashify: The Flashify is the most safe and efficient app for the flashing of the ROM of all the android devices. In fact this app has been tested and verified related to the functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus 7 and the Galaxy 10. It provides the feature of flashing more than one ROM at one time and also offers back-up and recovery feature by utilizing the SD card of your android device. It has an excellent feature of integrating with all the apps of Android file explorer.

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