Rooting my Samsung Galaxy S3 with simple steps

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a lot of stunning features and the users are still in love with this model because of the perfect combination of features and applications it has offered to them. It is like a master piece of android phones. The best part about the android phones is that they provide the individuals with a sense of freedom, but this kind of freedom can only be achieved with the help of the process of rooting. Rooting Samsung Galaxy S3 is a process, with the help of which the users of this phone can access all the applications and features that are not provided with the phone originally. It is like customizing or personalizing your phone according to your own requirement. If you are having a Samsung Galaxy S3 and want to have a complete access on your phone then, this article can help you. First of all, make sure that you are having the original model of Samsung Galaxy S3 and you can check its model i.e. GT-i9300. If you have the same model, then follow the simple steps that are being mentioned below and root your S3 according to your own requirements.


In order to start the rooting process for the Samsung Galaxy S3, the users must have the two essential resources for it, i.e. the ODIN version 1.85 and the CF-Root SG-v6.0 package. These two essential components will help you out in rooting Samsung Galaxy S3.

  • First download the two essential resources for the rooting of the S3. Once you have downloaded them, then start installing the ODIN and after this, unzip the CF root. This file will be saved in the saved in a form of unzipped tar file.
  • Then open the ODIN in your system and click on the PDA button and choose the tar file which was unzipped in the first step.
  • In the third step, pick the device and go to the settings, and after that enable the USB debugging.
  • Then connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 with the system or computer.
  • After connecting this, click the start button on the ODIN.
  • Now, after doing this, you have to wait for the whole process is completed. Once this process is completed, the ODIN will stop working and your S3 phone will be rooted.


All the steps are very easy and simple. If you will follow them completely and accurately, then you can certainly root your phone in no time. Rooting Samsung Galaxy S3 is not so complicated, but if you download the wrong rooting software r package in your phone, then you can destroy its software so, be careful and follow the above mentioned steps completely. The rooting process will allow you to use your phone very easily according to your demands. After rooting, your Samsung Galaxy S3 can be personalized and you can easily enjoy any application in it. In order to possess complete command on your phone, the rooting process is the only way.

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