Top 10 Android Apps for Developers

The android phones are becoming the passion these days.  Here are the ten vital android apps for developers.  Android came with the league of Apple but today android apps are developed in almost all kinds of smart phones.  While reading this article you will get to know about the top 10 android apps, which are greatly in demand.

Google music: Today aficionados of music are growing up all around the world.  The Google music app enables you to upload 20,000 songs from PC or Mac to the cloud.  The special iTunes facility allows downloading tunes directly from iCloud. Hence, there are no hassles of connecting your iPhone’s to the desktop.  This wireless sync also gives you the facility of the free storage.

Web security and antivirus:  Most of the android apps are exposed to market without testing the web security or antivirus.  A perfect antivirus and web security app can give a long lasting life to your favorite gadget.  You can download the same at free of cost from the internet.  It will automatically scan your phone and removes all the malicious elements from android phones.  Sometimes it acts as a detector and blocks all the phishing content.

Touch screen and swift key x:   Touch screen is one of the very popular apps in the android phones.  This makes you work just by swiping things from a single touch.  Well if you are interested in not doing the same, Swift Key X is also an option.  This app will helps you out in correcting mail, chat on Facebook, and refine the web contents.

Any Do: This app is wonderful in making you work on time.  Any .do gives you the reminder of to-do list. Interestingly, this app is free.  It includes some of the exciting features, as if you can save the keystrokes, make changes in re-arranging the entries.  Finally, when you find your work done you cross out the same from your list.

8Tracks:  8tracks is of the trendiest app for the youngsters.  Through this app, you can share songs online with an accelerating speed.  You can also composed music and make other’s listen your composition.

Paper camera: paper camera, helps you out to get clean and clear-cut picture.  With the help of this app, you exactly achieve to shot you want.  For different effects, you can use 12 different options.  Paper camera is blended with different options.  Yet you will miss the front camera here.

Browser for only text:  some people are concerned about the data limits.  This unique app is boon for advertisers.  The same enables you to type the precise web address.  Therefore, the webpage works smoothly on most of the sites.

Weather details:  the best part of this android app is that it gives you the weather alert. The quick weather information prevents you from not being stuck in the unpleasant weather.

Google news: google currents are a unique app in the android phones. Here you would get all the news at a single place. Google currents help you out in customizing news feed.  You can also share them many of the social networking sites like Facebook and twitter.

Facebook chat android: since millions of people linger on face book and social networking sites, so this app will enable people to communicate easily.


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