Top 5 Android Apps for Music Lovers

Research has shown that 90% of people all over the world are in love with music and that is true to some extent. So music in any form always attracts users whether it’s audio or video. You can download it or borrow some media from your dear ones so it’s totally up to you.  Here I am going to guide you about 5 best Android music applications which have gained maximum rating as well as popularity.

1.     PowerAMP Music Player (Trial)

The first and foremost application regarding music stuff is PowerAMP and it is equalizer application actually. This includes variety of formats like mp3, mp4/m4a, off, flac, wav, ogg, ape, tta, and wma. It offers infinite bands, customs presets, and much more. You are being offered Wi-Fi also through this application and you can make best customization regarding iTunes, Remote for iTunes, Hotspots, and much more. Other features may include:

  • Scrobbing
  • Separate Bass and Treble adjucement
  • Tag editing
  • Visual themes
  • Dynamic queue
  • Widgets
  • Headset support
Top 5 Android Apps for Music Lovers
Top 5 Android Apps for Music Lovers

2.     Ringtone Maker

Suppose you have lost your phone in your home and you want to trace its exact location. What you do is to call at your own number from your friend’s cell. When you call, you will get your cell phone by recognizing tone of your cell.  What if you have unique tone for your cell phone that it never matches any other? Ringtone Maker is going to perform this vital job for you for sure. It offers you to create best tones for your device and you can have different and unique ringtone for your personal Android device. You can also make customizations through this application and this lets you create ringtone’s audio file up to maximum of 40-seconds.You can also have recordings as per your needs.

3.     SoundHound

This is exactly similar to Shazam application. What Shazam does is that it recognizes music for you. Same is done by SoudHound but with lyrics. This awesome application is going to search and recognize lyrics of current music or song for you and you will enjoy for sure using this awesome application. You can have name of artist, lyrics, title, quality, and lot more features. Its paid version is going to cost you only $4.99 with more features.

4.     Pandora Radio

An awesome and mostly ranked application which is  going to cost you nothing but benefits you more than any other application is Pandora radio. It’s basically a music platform which provides radio streaming in a way and style you desire for. You can listen favorite station, favorite channel, favorite artist, composer, band, and much more. You can even tune either automatically or manually.

5.     Remote for iTunes

You can have iTunes using Wi-Fi connection or hotspot. Remember that Wi-Fi is going to provide you best results if you are nearby and if you are moving outstation, you may suffer.  Wi-Fi is fastest if you internet is fast and its worst if your connection is bad.  Further features may include play, skip, shuffle, loop and rating of songs.


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