Three Easy Ways to Extend Your iPhone’s Battery Life

With a brighter screen, GPS capability, and 4G speed, the iPhone’s ability to entertain has soared, while its battery life has suffered. What’s more frustrating than not being able to play Angry Birds or check your email every five minutes? How about losing battery life half way through the day after your iPhone was completely charged the night before? Yes, that’s more annoying. Trust me. But, while it’s easy to complain that the magic computer in our pocket doesn’t have enough juice, it’s impossible to deny this contraption’s power. By following these three simple tricks you can significantly extend your iPhone’s battery life.

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1. One of the best tricks I’ve come across for improving battery life involves something the average iPhone user doesn’t know about. There is a small sensor placed right above the earpiece of the phone that detects ambient light. This sensor only activates once per session to determine the brightness level the phone needs to use. By covering the sensor as you unlock the phone, you can trick the phone into thinking that it is in a dark room. The phone will then use less power to brighten the screen. While this may sound silly, keeping the phone from activating this sensor every time it is unlocked car really save its battery life.

2. Another great way to extend your phone’s battery life is by turning off the Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is the other high-speed network that the iPhone can connect to other than the 4G network. While Wi-Fi offers an even faster connection, it is not available everywhere like 4G is. Wi-Fi only works where there is an active hotspot. Keeping the Wi-Fi turned on all the time will really drain your phone’s battery. While it may not seem like it, when the Wi-Fi is turned on your phone is constantly searching for a hotspot in the background. Save significant power by turning off the Wi-Fi when you do not need to find a hotspot.

3. If you’re anything like me, one of the most used features of your smartphone is the GPS. The iPhone has built-in GPS that allows your phone to know where you are and give your exact driving directions to anywhere that you need to be. Even cooler, the GPS can be used with additional applications that find restaurants, movie theaters, and more. However, as with the Wi-Fi and any other service that send data over a network, the GPS eats up a phone’s battery. A great way to save on battery life is turning off this location service when you are not using it.

The moral of the story is turn things off when you are not using them. Just as you would not leave a light on in a room that you are not in, you should turn applications and services on your phone off that you are not using to help preserve your phone’s battery life.



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