[Video] How To Flash CWM Recovery on LG G2X Mobiles using NVFlash

Omarsalmin from XDA has posted the instructions for flashing CWM Recovery on G2X mobiles.
Recently we also posted the rooting instructions of LG G2X Smartphones on Windows, Linux and Mac.

You can check:
* Root G2X on Windows [Link]
* Root G2X on Linux and Mac

Instructions to flash CWM Recovery on G2X

1. Download the APX Drivers from here [Link] and extract the contents to C:\\G2x\\APX.

2. Download NVFlash zip file from here [Link] and extract it to C:\\G2x\\NVFlash

3. Download nvflash-recovery file from here [Link] and extract the contents to a folder on your computer. You will see the list of below 5 files in it:
* E1108_Hynix_512MB_H8TBR00U0MLR-0DM_300MHz_final_emmc_x8.bct
* nvflash
* flash-recovery.sh
* fastboot.bin
* recovery-star-test2.img

Place the above 5 files in C:\\G2x\\NVFlash folder.

4. Switch off your mobile phone.

5. Take the mobile’s battery out.

6. Hold both the Volume Up/ Volume Down keys.

7. Connect the phone to your computer using USB Cable.

8. Your computer will detect the smartphone and will install Device Driver Softwares.

9. Right-Click on ‘My Computer’ and Click ‘Device Manager’.

10. You will see ‘APX Device’ listed with an error as shown in below image.
Install G2X APX Drivers

11. Right Click ‘APX’.

12. Select ‘Update driver software’.

13. Select ‘Browse my computer’.

14. Select ‘Let me pick…’.

15. Select ‘have disk’.

16. Browse to C:\\G2X\\APX folder.

17. Select complete ‘usbpcdriver’ folder and do not go inside it.

18. If you get any warnings, accept them. You also need to disable UAC.

19. In ‘Device Manager’ under ‘USB Controllers’, you will see ‘NVIDIA USB Boot-recovery driver for mobile devices’.

20. Now, Unplug the USB cable.

21. Hold the Volume Up/ Volume Down buttons.

22. Insert USB cable again.

23. Open Command Prompt, Go to NVFlash folder and enter the following code:

nvflash.exe --bct E1108_Hynix_512MB_H8TBR00U0MLR-0DM_300MHz_final_emmc_x8.bct --bl fastboot.bin --download 5 recovery-star-test2.img

24. You will see your device’s screen as ‘S/W Upgrade – Please wait while upgrading…” as shown in the image below:
G2X Flash CWM

25. Once the commands in the Command Prompt window are done, disconnect the USB cable form the smartphone.

26. Insert the battery back in the mobile.

27. Reboot your device.

28. Hold the Volume Up and Down buttons for around 10 seconds until you see LG BootUp Screen.

29. Enjoy newly stored CWM Recovery πŸ™‚ .

Video flashing CWM to G2X



  1. hello!

    Noob here so bear with me πŸ™‚

    inbetween 22/23 there seems to be a missing step. what do we enter into the command prompt to get the folder?

    • @matt: Welcome here.. Go to Run and Type ‘cmd’ and press ‘Enter’ key.. You will get Command Prompt screen.

      Now type ‘cd C:\G2x\NVFlash’ and hit Enter key and you will be in NVFlash folder. Please do not put quotation marks.

      Please let us know in case you face any issues.

  2. how does this work for windows seven?

  3. I’m getting stuck on the cmd prompt stuff. It is saying things like ‘c:\g2x\nvflash’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, etc.

    • @Culb – Please type cd C:\G2x\NVFlash
      Please note that there’s one space between cd and C:\

      Please comment here for any issues.

  4. CMD says ‘program too big to fit in memory” Help?

  5. GoI t that done and rom manager starts now. But when I try to restore and then hit reboot it shuts off and dosnt trun back. When I power it back on without holding the volume button and it freezes at the lg screen with the load up bar stuck. Plz help

  6. downloading bootloader — load address: 0x108000 entry point: 0x108000
    sending file: fastboot.bin
    / 1024992/1024992 bytes sent
    fastboot.bin sent successfully
    waiting for bootloader to initialize

    command promt stuck here…waiting for last 15 minutes no responce…..any idea??? anyway my phone is already bricked trying to recover….

  7. it keeps saying nvflash.exe is not recognizable as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. thats right after i get to step 23! its so frustrating.

    • @jeremy – You need to go in that NvFlash folder first.
      Type cd C:\G2x\NVFlash in command prompt and press Enter. After this, type the command in Step 23.

      • jeremy williams

        i did that already. im able to get into the folder but as far as copying and pasting the batchfile command it gives me the “nvflash.exe is not recognizable as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file” and the command wont work

    • Same problem THIS WORKED for me, open NVFlash.zip dont extract it, just copy and past all the files to the NVFlash.zip, its saying “not recognizable as an internal or external command……blablal” because the files are not extracted properly… work for me great Thanks to the dude who made this saved my phone thank you thank you…..buy u a beer any time…

    • If you havent figured it out email me ds41877@yahoo.com .I am wide awake . If you are in the USA my phone is 314-445-9416. I know how frustrating this is but i know exactly what you are doing wrong.Your commands are incorrect. My G2x is running like a champ now

  8. How can I flash my phone back to factory firmware without flashing the ClockWork Recovery? My G2X is stuck in a strange state, and I just want to start over fresh

    • If you are still stuck you can call me. 314-445-9416 I’m in the us . I need a little more info

      • fantasma25

        I did the nvflash, everything went well, however phone stayed on upgrading software…how long should it take? I disconnected from usb and then tried to reboot and still having stuck on reboot issues. Any suggestions?

  9. I followed all the instructions but this is what i get…
    please help

    Nvflash started
    rcm version 0X20001
    System Information:
    chip name: unknown
    chip id: 0x20 major: 1 minor: 3
    chip sku: 0xf
    chip uid: —– removed ——–
    macrovision: disabled
    hdcp: enabled
    sbk burned: false
    dk burned: false
    boot device: emmc
    operating mode: 3
    device config strap: 0
    device config fuse: 0
    sdram config strap: 0

    downloading bootloader — load address: 0x108000 entry point: 0x108000
    sending file: fastboot.bin
    / 1024992/1024992 bytes sent
    fastboot.bin sent successfully
    waiting for bootloader to initialize
    bootloader failed NvError 0x0
    common failure: bootloader download failed

  10. if you have paypal address let me know my email is ds41877@yahoo.com.Thought G2x was bricked. its was in a reboot loop this saved me i owe you……keep up the good work

  11. Hey guys I got all the way to the end but when i try booting holding both volume buttons it does not power on at all, I can get into recovery by holding power and vol down but then flashing from there still leaves me at the S/W is updating bla bla bla. ive been trying to fix this for 2 days so if anyone could help i would GREATLY appreciate it!

  12. Just a note for anyone who is stuck at the “s/W Updating” screen after rebooting… I fought with this for a while and then found that adding the –go option to the nvflash call allows you to boot normally again. Hope this saves someone else a little time and frustration.

    • Hey, can you give me the details on how to add the go option like you did. My phone will not get past the s/w screen for nothing. Thanks so much. Joe

      • Sure, just add –go to the end of the command. Like so:

        nvflash.exe –bct E1108_Hynix_512MB_H8TBR00U0MLR-0DM_300MHz_final_emmc_x8.bct –bl fastboot.bin –download 5 recovery-star-test2.img –go

        Hope this helps!

      • Ugh, it looks like they have a ghetto sql-injection prevention script here. It should be two hyphens and the word “go”, not one as it appears in the comment. Hopefully this makes sense.

  13. Hermes Romero

    Excelent tutorial, can i do the same procedure in a Bricked Motorola Atrix 4, they are the same Tegra 2 nVidia

  14. Please Help! After trying to Manually install Gingerbread update with Stock LG installer, I got a Bootloop. I tried this now My phone wont even turn on!!!
    I think this bricked it. I did everything Exact and got a “Recovery-star-test2.img sen Successfully”

    Plz help anyone.

  15. I followed everything but still on Software upgrade. Doesnt work…

  16. I cant get the APX to show up in device manager

  17. i did all the steps…
    it works fine…
    but at last after bootloader downloaded successfully i am getting failed executing command 14 NvError 0*120000
    command failure : partition download failed…

    how to solve this?
    i bricked my phone…please help guys…its urgent…

  18. Worked great, thanks… you saved the day!

  19. I did this and it worked great for a day until my phone started rebooting again every hour or so,this is unacceptable for LG,this phone is great but if it turns off every hour for what use??/?

  20. Very good tutorial.
    Please tell me why I get this error?
    “rom version 0x4
    Command send failed (usb write failed)”
    Thanks in advance.

    • HAY!! That’s my guide up there πŸ˜‰ Followed it from youtube stats :p

      Anyways, it seems as an easy fix for that error for many users has been just to re-try flashing the recovery and/or using a different usb port on the computer.

      • Hi Omar,
        Thanks for reply.

        I am a poor guy and I cannot buy another phone like this.
        I tried all variants for unbrick my Atrix but without success.
        Please reply with a solution for this problem…I have a very good dev cable and it is recognized in device manager.
        I cannot do anything with my phone…it is opened for 2 seconds when I insert the dev cable and it say “SVF:105:1:2
        Failed to boot 0x1000”.
        Please heeelp!!!
        Thanks in advance!

  21. Thanks for d suggestions it did help me a lot !

  22. Sure you helped me alot ,,I will be more thankful to you if you can help me what to do after i go to CWM recovery !I mean which rom to flash !i tried Lg g2x stock rom (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryGIv8KQVIE&feature=related) but i was not successful . Thanks a ton in advance

  23. Hi every i was successful in going to CWM recovery and i tried many methods before only this was helpful so try step by step and you will be successful πŸ˜‰

  24. Atul plz help me i tried 2-3 roms but , when i reboot it again goes to same S/W upgrade ! plz help me im noob !

  25. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1248644 dis will help all bricked (soft bricked) lg g2x users

  26. 3rd link broken?

  27. wher can i get the *.img-File? Its not includet in my downloadet NVFlash.zip

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