How To Remove Data Throttling on LG G2X

Are you facing Data Throttling issues on your T-Mobile G2X Smartphones. If yes, then we have a solution for you. XDA member catalystcorp is able to get success in this hack.

If you are unaware of this term, it refers to the data usage bandwidth traffic. What it means is that if you use lot of data on your mobile, then your speed will be lowered but if you apply the data throttle fix, you will not see any change in the speed.

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Enable Data Throttling on G2X

Instructions for Removing Data Throttling on G2X

1. Install Root Explorer

2. Back up all your data.

3. Connect your mobile phone to the computer using USB cable.

4. Download the fix from here [Link]. Comment below on this post if you want the file as an email from us.

5. Extract the contents of above downloaded file. You will see a services.jar file in it. Place it in the SD card or Internal Memory.

6. Go to Settings –> Wireless & Networks –> Mobile Networks and check all options except ‘Use only 2G networks’. Remember after doing this, you will not be able to access it again.

7. Open Root Explorer.

8. Go to the services.jar file that you downloaded in Step 4.

9. Hold down over it and select ‘Copy’.

10. Go to System//Framework, click Mount R//O and select ‘Paste’.

11. You will be asked to overwrite the existing file. Select yes to confirm.

12. Close all open windows.

13. Go to ‘Rom Manager’.

14. Select ‘Fix Permissions’.

15. Reboot your smartphone.

16. Enjoy high speed on your mobile without any interruption 🙂

Please note that you must try the above steps only with Stock ROM.



  1. Thanks for this! Tried registering at xda to download, but their captcha won’t load so I’m unable. Any chance you could email it?

    Thanks again!

  2. This doesn’t work… Followed all the steps, no luck…

  3. Confirmed. This doesn’t work.

  4. TechnoHippie

    Data throttling is handled on the server side, not the client side – so this won’t work.

  5. I just got the G2X and T-Mobile throttled me after a couple of weeks. Can I stop throttling without rooting?

  6. monkey_05_06

    @TechnoHippie: Actually it depends on the carrier. T-Mobile’s throttling is handled client-side, at least for Android devices. Different devices handle this differently as well.

    This services.jar actually does work, and not just for the G2X. At the risk of bricking my phone, I actually tested this file on a Garminfone (easily one of the worst Android phones ever made), and surprisingly enough I am no longer being throttled. T-Mobile has a rolling 30 day calendar for throttling purposes, and since I was throttled less than 2 weeks ago, and have already used more than 2 GB over the last few days at 3G speeds, I can guarantee that it does work.

    @Nambo: You need root access to read/write/overwrite the services.jar file, which T-Mobile uses on Android devices to handle throttling.

  7. Do you have to b rooted to do this?

  8. I hope this works on cm7!!

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