How To Save SHSH Blobs with iFaith

iH8sn0w has released iFaith, which is named by the project projectif.

iFaith Tool dumps SHSH blobs of your current iOS Firmware on your smartphone even if Apple has closed the signing.

Say for example, If you purchase a device with some iOS version running. When Apple will update to the new version then you will not be able to save SHSH blobs for the older version as Apple closed signing of this old firmware but with iFaith, you can. It allows you to save SHSH blobs with any firmware version.

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iFaith Supported Devices

• iPod Touch 3G / 4G
• iPhone 3GS / 4GS
• iPad 1
• Apple TV 2G
Saving SHSH Blobs with iFaith

Saving SHSH Blobs with iFaith

1. You will need a Windows computer for this.

2. Power Off your device.

3. Connect it to your computer.

4. Download iFaith

5. Run the tool

6. Press ‘Ok’ button.

7. The next screen will ask you ‘What would you like to do?’.Click on ‘Dump SHSH Blobs’.

8. The next screen will show ‘Welcome to iFaith’. Click ‘Proceed’.

9. Click ‘Let’s Go!’ button.

10. If your device is not Power Off, the tool will ask you to do so.

11. You will now get a screen that will ask you to enter DFU Mode.

12. Hold both Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds.

13. Release the Power button. Make sure you don’t release Home key.

14. The installation will begin. iFaith will do its processing.

15. After all processing is done by the tool, it will ask you to where to save SHSH blobs.

16. Congrats 🙂

Soon, the tool would be released for Mac users as well. So Mac users need not to be disappoint 🙂

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