How To Install CM 7 on Motorola Defy

pjgowtham from xda has posted the instructions to install Cyanogen Mod 7 on Motorola Defy smartphone. The instructor said that it took whole 1 day for him to install this as while installing, he made a little mistake.

So, all can look into the below steps so that they do not get into any trouble.

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Instructions for Installing Cyanogen Mod 7 on Motorola Defy

1. Install RSD Lite [Link].

2. Before flashing, it’s good to Factory Reset and Wipe Cache on Stock Recovery before flashing.

3. Download the latest froyo.sbf file. You can download at [Here]

4. Flash this file on your smartphone keeping it in boot loaded mode by pressing Power and Volume Up keys.

5. You can configure the Motoblur or else, skip it.

6. Download Gingerbreak Apk and Root your device [Text Tutorial]

7. [Download] Cyanogen Mod 7 on Motorola Defy

8. Download Google Apps

9. Copy both the above downloaded zip files that you downloaded above on to your SD card.

10. [Download] the 2nd Init v1.4.2

11. Please make sure that you don’t download 2nd Init v1.7 because CM7 will not work on it.

12. Install the Recovery on your smartphone and Reboot twice fully until the home screen.

13. You will be automatically taken into recovery while rebooting.
Please note that if you are unable to go into Recovery then you need to Press Volume Down button when the blue light appears during boot up.
If you are caught in the boot loop then you need to go into Stock Recovery and need to Wipe Data and Cache.
Also, please make note that even you are in Boot Loop, Recovery can be accessed and you can Boot into Blur.

14. Go to Recovery –> Custom Recovery and Format Data and Cache and Wipe the cache.

15. You need to Install zip –> Choose zip from SD card –> CM7 Zip file.

16. Please make a note that you should not format data or cache after you install CM7.

17. Install the gapps zip file (Google Apps) that you downloaded in Step 8.

18. Reboot your phone.

19. Go to boot –> 2nd Init

20. Just wait for some minutes and you will see CM7 Logo.

21. The screen will dim and soon you will be taken to the home screen of CM7.

22. All Done. You have CM7 on Defy 🙂 .

All supports at xda application thread


  1. Kindly post a reply after following my guide and push the thanks button if u succeed by following my guide…..:-)

  2. Thanks tech of web

  3. i just bought new defy then i want to install CM7, should i root my phone before flashing it?

    • Replytononsmartpeople

      DUH,……………stupid…..j/k! but rlly root it first….even my 7 year old knows that (:

  4. pjgowtham

    U should not root before flashing sbf whereas u should root before installing custom recovery

  5. hey i if dont have froyo do i have to install froyo first n den follow these steps or can do directly from 2.1

  6. hey i if dont have froyo do i have to install froyo first n den follow these steps or can do directly from 2.1

  7. Thanks guys!!!

  8. Vara prasad

    Thanks guys!!!successfully installed am on 2.3.4 awwwwwwweeesome experience

  9. Thanks you. It was easy with your tutorial with little to no mistakes 🙂 I now have CM7 😀

  10. Hey can i have a gingerbreak please

  11. jorge neri md

    i used this guide and was not succesfull at first, but it was my fault since i skkiped steps for the sake of speed and got baaaad results.

    now i followed word by word and, though confusing for novice android users, now my phone rocks!! thanks 🙂

  12. my defy is unlocked. will a factory reset lock it again

  13. I did not follow this tutorial but another. I did not download rsdlite of a froyo sdk. I rooted using super one touch, installed 2ndinit, flashed cm7, got stuck in a boot loop, factory reset, and cm7 worked good. tryed to install swype beta. made phone and media force close every 2 secs, factory reset, unistalled swype beta and installer, phone worked good, attempted google music, phone and media fc every 2 secs. kind of just want to undo the whole thing. maybe start over anyway to reinstall stock unroot and try again?

  14. natanam sethu

    I installed the CM7,

    running the Gingerbread 2.3.5 on Defy MB525

    After installation the 2G network does not work fine. it only works on 3G network.

    Is there a fix for this.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  15. followed this word for word i now have a phone that can do what i want it to

    best instructions i have found on how to install a rom

  16. Ppl, thanks for following my tut….hope it helped millions of people…

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