[How To] Debrand and Flash HTC7 Mozart

casey_boy from xda has posted the steps to flash a new ROM or to debrand HTC 7 Mozart smartphone. The method was originally laid by theintelligent but consolidated properly by casey_boy. You must need to remember that If you are debranding your device, you need to install 2 ROMs and […]

Windows Phone 7 Benchmarking App – WP Bench

Do you own any Windows Mobile and are forced to think that whether your and your friend’s mobiles are both same or not? I know that the answer of this question would be no and many times, you might have thought about your device and might have compared your device […]

Top 5 Android Apps [Video]

Brandon Miniman of PocketNow has compiled the list of his favorite 5 Android Apps. The more good is that he has made a video of all these apps. As per him, these are the must apps for any Android device.

Enable Instant Resuming on WP7 – Registry Hack

On your Windows Phone 7, while going back to previous applications or while waking the device up from sleep and unlocking, you must have seen the Resuming…. Screen. You have to wait for 10-15 seconds while switching between apps. This might look sometimes annoying to you. Windows Phone Hacker found […]

How to Fix Bricked Windows Phone 7 due to updates

Windows Phone 7 users have been waiting eagerly for Copy-Paste functionality in WP7 phones. But the recent mini-ROM update to WP7 has thrashed the hopes of users because this update is only a fix and improvement on software performance. This update is similar to what Microsoft had provided to Windows […]