Windows Phone 7 Benchmarking App – WP Bench

Do you own any Windows Mobile and are forced to think that whether your and your friend’s mobiles are both same or not? I know that the answer of this question would be no and many times, you might have thought about your device and might have compared your device with those of your relatives and friends. We all also know that when we compare the handsets of WP7, they do not come out as similar. They all appear to be different, I would not say all but infact mostly are different. This difference further increase when we compare the handsets using the Micro Sd card and Nand memory.

Robin Varga has released a benchmark application by the name WP Bench for Windows Phone 7 devices with which you can test your mobile for its hardware performance. Robin Varga is from ComputeMark and he has done an excellent work by releasing this app. WP Bench helps in testing the Gpu, central processing unit, display, battery, memory and storage of handsets. Infact, this app is the first benchmarking tool for windows mobiles.

Features of WP Bench

  • Single Thread performance of Cpu
  • Multi-thread performance by Cpu
  • Working of Gpu
  • It tests the life of the battery that how long the battery is going to work
  • The color is reproduced
  • The reading and writing speed of Memory
  • The writing and reading speed of Storage

It is a free application that you can download easily from the Marketplace.

Below results were obtained when HTC 7 Trophy was tested:
Sequential 10906 ms parallel 10542 central processing unit.
Storage of 2.18 Mb/s and Memory of 13.07 Mb/s
674 frames of Gpu with an average of 2 fps.
You can try this app on your device and let us know the results.

See the below video in action.


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