Solve Physics Problems with PhysicsSolver App for WP 7 phones

If you are in your school or college and have Physics as your subject then sometimes you may feel that solving Physics questions are very difficult, atleast they were for me when I was in my school 🙂 . If you too feel the physics as difficult and have Windows phone 7 handset then here’s good news for you. XDA member, Chieh Chen has released an app – Physics Solver for WP7 phones.

Physics Solver resembles to its name. It has many tons of different problems that are all categorized into different categories, including electricity, kinetics, movement etc. This app allows you to put all the required information in the fields and will give you the answer based on your input.
Physics Solver WP7 app

Please remember that since the developer has released the app’s first version and the app is in its initial stages, so we can expect some or more bugs in the app. But then also, it will make some of your work easy. You will get the answers to your Physics questions instantly on your mobile. With this app, you can input your questions in the required fields and can get an answer.

Features of Physics Solver for WP7
Physics Solver App for WP7 solves problems on

  • Work
  • Power
  • Motion
  • Energy
  • Density
  • Resistance
  • Electricity
  • Properties of Matter

The app’s current version is The Package Size is 7.657 MB and Install Size is 7.8 MB.
Physics Solver is a paid app that will cost you $0.99.

You can download Physics Solver app from WP7 Marketplace.

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