Installing Windows Phone 7 Mango Beta on HTC HD2

Microsoft showed the Windows Phone 7 Mango update on 24 May PDT 7 a.m. in a press conference event in NYC. The company announced that during the start of autumn, the Mango update will be available for all WP7 devices.

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The event was not open for all and Microsoft said that only the invitees will be able to attend it. Many sites made the Live Streaming Links available so that the ones who are unable to make a visit can see it live on their computers by sitting in their homes and offices. And many developers watched it live also.

Mainly the WP 7.5 new features and updates on Mango were discussed. IE9 mobile, integration of Twitter and better messaging were already been guessed by developers to be discussed in the press conference.

Microsoft leaked and made available these new updates only for the software engineers having the developer accounts with Windows Phone. This was good for those people but bad for the common man or for other techies who are not having the official accounts as the company made no provisions for them to test and make their reviews on the new released. But again the hackers have made it possible to test and try it for anyone.

Here, we are letting you know one another good news. If your mobile set is HTC HD2 and you want to install WP7 on your HD2 phone then you can do this by just following the below mentioned 5 instructions

How to install Mango Beta on HTC HD2
1. Download magdlr.

2. Install the magdlr.

3. Download the Mango files.

4. During HD 2 boot-up, when prompted, place the Htc Hd2 in the Usb Flasher Mode.

5. With Hd 2 as connected, run Dwi.exe from the pc.

Video running Mango Beta WP7 on Htc Hd2


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